Sort Your Fridge

In these uncertain times, we need to make sure our purchases are smart and that the fresh items we do purchase, last.

For wellness, choose a selection of different coloured fruits and vegetables. When meat is scarce, rely on your stores of dried beans, nuts and seeds for a protein boost. Cheese, yoghurt, tofu and tahini are other great options.

Our VentSmart and Clear Mates ranges are the perfect choices for organizing your fridge and keeping things fresh for longer.

Before you shop, it’s always a good idea to clean out your fridge and compost any old vegetables you may not have used, so you are ready to refill.

When you shop, take with you a multiuse shopping bag, such as the Foldable Shopping Bag or Trolley bags and where you can, reduce the temptation to pack produce into single use plastic bags.

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When you get home, place fruits and vegetables into the appropriately sized VentSmart container, checking the side pictograms to determine where the slider bar should be for optimal freshness and preservation. The unique technology of these fridge containers controls the airflow in and out of the container based on how much the contents breathe.

Once you are ready to use the contents, wash and prepare. Washing after ensures there is less moisture sitting in the fridge containers and therefore less chance of spoilage.

For deli purchases, take your ClearMates straight to the counter for filling, thereby bypassing more disposable plastic use.

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Decant tofu, ricotta, yoghurt and cheeses into see-through containers so every time you open the door you can see the contents and there is less likelihood of spending more money on replacing ingredients you forgot about in the back of the fridge.

With smooth corners, liquid tight seals and stackable shape, they will save you valuable fridge space too.

Try this easy chicken soup with ingredients stored in your VentSmart and Clear Mate containers.