Eco Swap - Disposable Wipes Alternative

Eco Swaps for around the House

We all want to minimise our impact on the environment by using less single use plastic and consuming less. Try these simple eco swaps to make a small personal difference:

Eco Swap - Disposable Wipes Alternative
Tupp Eco Swap #1 - Use our Wipes Dispensers instead of single packets of baby wipes

Instead of continually buying small packets of baby wipes and going through loads of plastic, buy them in bulk and proportion between the large dispenser for home and fill the small dispenser for taking on the go-in your handbag or for in the car. Better still, make your own with paper towel you may already have.

Eco Swap - Disposable Wipes Alternative

For the large dispenser:
16 sheets thick paper towel
1 cup water
1 tablespoon liquid castile soap*
2 teaspoons liquid coconut oil
1-3 drops lavender oil (optional)

Lay paper towel sheets in a continuous layer, folding on themselves in the Large Wipes Dispenser.


In the Chef Series II 2.5L small saucepan, bring the water to the boil.
Add the soap, coconut oil and lavender oil to perfume. Pour over the paper towel. Allow to cool. Gently feed top sheet through the cap. Press down on tab. Use as required.

*Liquid castile soap can be purchased at Priceline or health or bulk food stores. Liquid coconut oil is can be sourced at a supermarket. It can be used as a simple make up remover too.

WATCH THE VIDEO below on how to make these!