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Best Bento Lunch Boxes in Australia

Want to keep your lunch contents separated? That’s where bento lunch boxes come in handy, these lunchboxes with compartments are perfect for when you wish to commute with your food packed, and ideal for school lunches. Don’t settle for multiple, bulky lunch containers, our bento boxes are suitable for adults and kids alike. Our BPA-free, leak-proof bento lunch boxes will travel safely from home to school to work.

Bento Lunch Boxes For Adults

We’ve made choosing your bento box easy! Our Bento Containers are reusable, durable and perfect for daily use. Pack a nutritionally balanced meal in a compact and safe lunch box that won’t leak a drip.

Lunch Boxes With Compartments

Perfect for school lunches, toddler snack and adult meals, we believe these are the best bento lunch boxes in Australia. Check out our blog for Bento Box lunch ideas and don’t forget to stay hydrated with our drink bottles.

What is the difference between bento and lunch box?

A standard lunch box generally only has a single compartment, where all the food will sit, whereas a bento box contains separators, so the food sits in its own compartment. For kids and adults who don’t like their food touching, a bento lunch box is a great option.

What is the point of a bento box?

Opt for a bento lunch box when you have various ingredients packed in your lunch and shouldn’t touch. A bento box has compartments which is perfect for portioning and separating foods with ease. Some Bento lunch boxes offer a removable or adjustable divider for when compartmentising isn’t needed. Tupperware offers Bento Boxes for adults and children with a liquid-tight seal and large tab to ensure easy opening, fresh food and no spills when transporting.

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