6 Ways Tupperware Can Help You Achieve Your Resolutions in 2022

6 Ways Tupperware Can Help You Achieve Your Resolutions in 2022

As a New Year begins, many reflect on the past year and then think about what can be achieved in the New Year; these are often referred to as New Year Resolutions or New Year Goals.  

Did you know that Tupperware® can help you work towards achieving some of these popular resolutions? Here are a few that may be on your 2022 list:

1. Drink more water

Australian’s are fortunate to have some of the freshest and safest drinking water available at home from the kitchen tap.

There’s really no need to buy water and our planet would be happy if all single use plastic bottles were a thing of the past.

Tupperware® Eco Drink Bottles are sturdy, come in many sizes, great colours and are reusable to refill again and again. Say no to single use plastic and keep hydrated all day no matter where you are by carrying a Tupperware® water bottles with you.

2. Get organised

How’s your pantry looking? Close your eyes and imagine creating your dream pantry, then realise that you will also save buckets of money because when you can actually see what you have on hand, you will be binning less food and ingredients. You can make that dream a reality by simply following these steps. Are you ready to be on your way to the pantry you have always wanted? Read our pantry edit blog here. 

Keeping your fridge organised can also help you minimise waste and motivate you to eat healthier. Store all your healthy foods and snacks in our clear containers for quick and easy access.  

3. Save money

Sick of throwing out fruit and veggies?

When you store your fruit and veggies in Tupperware® VentSmart you will find everything lasts so much longer than inside other containers or a fridge drawer.

Love your leftovers

Cook more than you need and freeze with our FreezerKeeper range or store in Heat n Eats for tomorrow’s lunch or next week’s dinner. 

Take your lunch to work.

A little preparation and some suitable containers go a long way, when it comes to taking lunch and snacks to work each day. Just pack a cold lunch or heat up your meal with one of our microwave-safe containers. No need to buy lunch every single day.

4. Eat Healthier

Ready to plan, prep and cook. Sunday is a great day to plan for the week ahead and meal prep.

Make a list, head to the shops and fill the fridge and pantry with healthy ingredients because when they are right there in front of you, a healthy choice becomes easier. Tupperware® has all the meal prep tools you need. 

5. Work for yourself and start an online business

Did you know that right now, Tupperware Australia supports over 9000 small local businesses? There has never been an easier time to start an online business with Tupperware®. Experience is not required when you build a business with Tupperware®. A company with over 60 years of local experience, plus we’ve got you covered from the start with all the helpful and latest digital tools and support you need to be successful. Find out more here

6. Live more sustainably

At Tupperware we are driven by our purpose to nurture a better future, every day. This year why not make a pledge to make a change and say no to all single use plastic, whether it is single use coffee cups, water bottles or plastic bags to name a few. Say no and choose to reuse again and again with Tupperware®. All these small changes add up to make a big one, so start small and make that positive difference in the world today!