10 reasons why Tupperware’s a Brand That Matters in 2021 (and beyond!)

You’d be hard pressed to find a business that’s remained as relevant for consumers for 75 years than Tupperware; let alone a business that’s continued to innovate for three-quarters of a century. That’s why we are proud to announce that Fast Company – the world’s leading progressive business media brand – has included Tupperware on their Brands That Matter List for 2021.

If you think Tupperware is a thing of the past, keep reading to find out all the ways we have continued to innovate (and are recognised alongside brands like PlayStation, Mail Chimp, IBM & more!)

1. We pledged $1 million to help reduce waste

When detailing Tupperware’s reasons for being listed as a brand that matters, Fast Company stated that “this year, Tupperware revitalized its mission to nurture a better future for people and the planet. To combat global waste, Tupperware pledged $1 million to the National Park Foundation’s Resilience & Sustainability program”.

This donation isn’t where our mission to reduce waste ends. Every time you purchase a Tupperware product, you are actively reducing single use plastics which; according to the UN, equates to about 300 trillion tonnes of plastic waste. Moreover, because of our Lifetime Guarantee, if your product doesn’t last a lifetime and you get a replacement product, the broken Tupperware is recycled to produce new products, meaning no plastic ever goes into landfills!

2. We’re helping NASA grow vegetables in space
Yep – you read that right. 2021 saw Tupperware team up with none other than NASA, helping grow and store vegetables in space.

“The company even earned a patent for PONDS, a technology developed in collaboration with TechShot and NASA that will help grow vegetables in space,” Fast Company said.

3. We won a bunch of product innovation awards
Speaking of innovation – while we were busy equipping NASA with food storage solutions, our team on earth were honoured with a bunch of product innovation and design awards from establishments like the European Centre for Architecture’s Green Good Design Awards and the iF World Design Guide Awards. Products like our Aloha Range, our Handy Spiral and our Coffee To Go are just some of our catalogue items to have earnt top honours for intelligent, eco-friendly designs this year.

4. We topped the list of best food storage containers by CHOICE and CANSTAR
Whilst design and innovation awards are great, none of that matters if customers aren’t awarding Tupperware as a winner in their eyes. However, 2021 saw Tupperware listed as #1 in the CHOICE Plastic Food Containers Buying Guide, in addition to taking out the 2021 Canstar Blue Most Satisfied Customers Award in the Food Storage Category!

According to thousands of surveys conducted by Canstar Blue, Tupperware the #1 choice among real Aussie consumers across every possible category – durability, value, design and overall satisfaction.

Want to see how CHOICE reviews durability among food storage containers? Check out the testing video here!

 5. We raised $20,000 to help Australian Women
As a company that largely owes its success to women, Tupperware decided to take this support to the next level, teaming up with Share The Dignity, an Australian Charity bringing dignity to women and girls experiencing homelessness, domestic violence and poverty through the distribution of sanitary items. Through our fundraising efforts, we have raised $20,000 in 2021 alone. You can directly support this initiative here.

6. We were a finalist in the 2021 B&T Awards for Best Digital Transformation
Not only did we launch our first every direct-to-consumer website in January, but also our incredible digital agency Overdose won a nomination for best digital transformation in doing so!

7. We helped hospitals tackle the pandemic
Also noted in Fast Company’s reasons why we are a Brand That Matters is the assistance provided during the pandemic.

 “To address pandemic challenges, the company [Tupperware] donated kits to first responders across the country and 5,000 containers to hospitals to store and transport medical equipment,” Fast Company said.

8. We provided aid to help fight global hunger
Another notable accomplishment for 2021 was our efforts in helping reduce global hunger. Most recently, Tupperware India provided ration kits to over 5700 families!

9. We took the Tupperware party online
2020 saw the Tupperware party as we knew it completely at a standstill. Thanks to modern technology and an incredible network of Tupperware Ambassadors, we turned the traditional party on its head and rolled out online parties! If the idea of attending a party, scoring some awesome specials whilst not leaving your house sounds great, you can learn more about hosting an online event here!

10. We’ve celebrated 60 years in Australia, and 75 globally
Along other household names like Kleenex and Band-Aid, Tupperware has monopolised the food storage market for three-quarters of a century! Our ability to adapt and constantly innovate the market will certainly see Tupperware as a brand that matter long after 2021.

Hold on to 2022, there are big things coming!