How to keep your fridge clean and organized with 6 simple steps

Keep your cool, Tupperware® can help you sort your fridge in 6 easy steps with our fridge storage ideas.

Step 1 – what goes where?

First things first, breaking down the layout of the fridge helps work out where to put what foods.

Top Shelves: Foods that generally don’t need cooking from scratch, such as leftovers stored in Tupperware® Heat ‘N Eats, deli meats, olives and dips stored in Tupperware® Clear Mates in every size you could possibly need. Another fridge favourite is our iconic strainer, the Pick-A-Deli for olives, beetroots and more.

Middle Shelves: Dairy products like milk, cheese, yoghurt, butter and margarines. These are usually in a container as purchased.

Bottom Shelf: Depending on your fridge type, traditionally the coldest part of a fridge. This space is best for raw meats and fish.

Drawers: Generally kept for fresh fruit and vegetables or store in fridge containers, such as VentSmarts for longer lasting fresh produce!

Fridge Doors: Drink bottles, Tupperware® Eco Bottles to keep water cool and most jars fit well in the door shelve.

Step 2 – Keep Uncluttered to Keep Healthy

A neat fridge means you can see what you have. Healthy eating is heavily influenced by the food that surrounds you. Keep healthy snacks at eye level in Tupperware® fridge bowls with airtight seals and see-through containers. Our food prep storage containers are ideal for those busy weeks ahead and weekly meal preps; allowing you to have your food ready to go!

Step 3 – Minimise Waste

Tupperware® VentSmarts are the real MVP’s! These fridge heroes will keep your fresh fruit and veggies fresher for longer, leading to less waste. Win! The unique slide vent system allows the adjustment of the airflow according to the pictograms on the side of the container which outline the correct airflow for fruits and veggies. Browse the extensive range here.

Step 4 – Keep It Clean

Wipe spills as soon as they happen and remove expired food to gain space and keep out the nasties. Keep your fridge in pristine condition with our gentle microfibre cloths.

Step 5 – Stop the roll

Tupperware® Recycline Bottle or Can organiser will stop bottles and cans rolling around your fridge. Fun fact: Our Recyline range is not only useful, it also gives old, recycled Tupperware® products a second life.

Step 6 – Water to go

Fill reusable Tupperware® Eco bottles with fresh water and have on hand. Save disposable plastic bottles from ending up in landfill.

Fridge done? Check out our Freezer storage containers for the best freezer storage ideas.

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Prefer someone else to do it all for you?

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