What’s for lunch?

“Mum, what’s for lunch?”

Three words that can cause stress even in the most organised of kitchens across Australia.

Let’s be honest, making school lunches can be a drag, especially when you think about the fact across the school years your child would eat around 2,500 lunches.

Sometimes last night’s leftovers will do the job; but more often than not it will be a sandwich, a roll or a wrap, plus don't forget all of the snacks! Trying to create different, filling and balanced lunches with protein, calcium and fruit in the mix can be a little overwhelming! Make it easier on yourself by planning ahead and utilising our huge for-school range of lunchboxes, lunch sets and snack containers for all ages - you can even get kid-friendly cutlery!

Here are some quick and easy lunch ideas to jazz up yours and the littlies lunches:

1. Create a bagel inspired lunch: Think smoked salmon, cream cheese, boiled eggs and cucumber. Crackers, bread or bagel make an excellent addition

2. Mediterranean twist: Celery, hummus, kalamata olives and some deli meat = YUM

3. Cheese board inspired lunch: Cheese cubes, grapes (or berries), protein of choice (we recommend turkey), and cranberry crackers

4. For the sweet craving: Banana slices, peanut butter, sliced strawberries, dates

5. Garden Fresh (aka deconstructed salad): Cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, hard boiled egg, capsicum slices and crackers

6. DIY trail mix: Top off some Greek yoghurt with a tasty mix of dried fruit, coconut flakes, mixed nuts and dark chocolate 

7. Veggies, with a fun twist: Create oodles of zoodles with the Handy Spiral! Side with pasta and a delish tomato sauce 

8. Sushi box: Create a fun, japanese-inspired lunch with home-made sushi rolls, edamame and veggies!