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Tupperware One Touch Fresh brings a practical design, with a clear material that allows users to ... Read more
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Tupperware One Touch Fresh brings a practical design, with a clear material that allows users to identify its contents right away, content at first sight. These containers optimize organization in the pantry or fridge, thanks to their modularity, and provide peace of mind to the consumer by reducing food waste.  A patented signature one touch close lid and easy open solution with modularity complete the perfect story for a perfect pantry.

These containers are the perfect solution because they are designed to be lightweight “grab & go” for your daily shopping needs.  This truly is a Tupperware MUST HAVE!

Our fridge helper set is great if you want to add some extra pieces to your collection or just wanting to start your kitchen organisation with a couple of pieces.




370mL | Square |  12 cm x 12.5 cm x 6.5 cm



  • Signature One Touch Closing System - All family members can easily close container, keeping food fresh.
  • Wide tab for easy opening - No more damaged nails or need for help opening stubborn containers!
  • Versatile - The products design and material are ideal to use in pantry and fridge
  • Airtight Lid - Design and tested with a guarantee that less than 1mg. of humidity can enter the containers.  Translation: fresher food!
  • Easy fit and snapping lids - Nesting lids stay together when containers are not in use.
  • Modular and Stackable - Designed for your pantry's most commonly used items creates an organized, beautifully transparent pantry
  • Thoughtfully Designed - Offers nestability for space-saving storage.

How to Open

  • Place closed container on a table or another stable surface
  • Hold container with one hand
  • With other hand, lift the lid using large tab and pull upward to remove lid from base.

How to Close

  • Place container on a table or another stable surface
  • Align lid with base. 
  • Push your thumb in the middle of lid, once you hear the “click” you will know it is firmly closed.


  • Always wash and rinse product before first use
  • Product is dishwasher safe
  • After storing ingredients with high staining properties, make sure to immediately rinse out container with cold water before placing in dishwasher
  • Use a low-temperature setting on your dishwasher to save energy and protect the environment.
  • Tupperware's Recycled Microfiber Towels are a quick and sustainable way to dry
  • To avoid unpleasant smells, remove lids when storing empty containers in cupboards
  • Snap and stack lids together for a tidy, organized pantry



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    If your product is faulty, you can return your product within 30 days to receive a free replacement product.

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