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With our Pasta Maker you can easily cook spaghetti and most types of pasta to perfection in the m... Read more
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With our Pasta Maker you can easily cook spaghetti and most types of pasta to perfection in the microwave! 

To make it easy for you, we included handy measurement fill lines inside the base so you will always cook the right amount of pasta every time. 

The cover also acts as a strainer so you don’t need to bring out that bulky colander. 
You can serve right from the Pasta Maker, then store in the fridge with the cover on. 

The omelette maker is ideal for cooking egg omelettes, oatmeal, breakfast sandwiches and even French toast in the microwave. No fat or frying is required so you can prepare healthier recipes. The shape ensures that the microwave reaches the food in the most efficient and even way and the small venting holes release excess steam and prevent build-up during cooking. The strong and ergonomic rims on both sides of the Micro Delight act as handles, providing a solid grip when removing hot food from the microwave with oven gloves.



Pasta Cooker 

1.9L | 39.9 x 15.4 x 11.8 cm
1.8L cooking capacity

Omelette Maker

430ml I 23 x 14 x 7 cm

Pasta Cooker

  • Measure, cook, drain, serve, store and reheat pasta with just two elements
  • Makes up to 6 portion
  • Etched markings to accurately measure pasta serving size and water levels
  • Uniquely curved design & Ergonomic rims

Omelette Maker

  • Large enough to cook a four egg omelette, but also accommodates smaller quantities
  • Figure 8 shape helps the microwave to reach the food in the most efficient way for an even cook
  • Strong and ergonomic rims on both sides
  • Perfectly cooked every single time with the microwave omelette maker


Pasta Cooker

  • Do not cook pasta without water and for longer than 30 minutes as this will potentially damage both the product and your microwave
  • Not suitable for freezer
  • We do not recommend adding liquids that have fat content to the pasta while in the microwave
  • Microwave pasta Cooker is safe for temperate 0°C - 120°C
  • Always lift the cover away from you to avoid burning from steam build up

Omelette Maker

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwave safe (max 800 watts)


  • Limited lifetime warranty

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