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When you want the best burgers, steak, chicken or veggie sticks make them yourself. Only you k... Read more

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When you want the best burgers, steak, chicken or veggie sticks make them yourself. Only you know how much seasoning you want in your burgers, you have control over dietary requirements in your burger mix and you can whip up your fave marinade for your choice meat cuts! Our world famous Season Serve and Hamburger Press and Freezer set are perfect to get your sorted. Once your BBQ meat and veg is ready and cooking then it’s time to prep your burger or even a side serve of potato bake (um yes please) quickly, easily and safely with the Mando Junior. This handy mandolin slicer gives you three thickness options so you can slice your fruit and veg exactly how thick or thin you want them sliced. 

  • Season Serve | 32 x 27 x 11cm
  • Hamburger Press & Freezer Set
    • Individual containers | 200g | 11 x 2cm
    • Stacked | 15 x 17cm
  • Mando Junior | 27.8 x 10.8 x 4.7cm

Season Serve

  • Unique grid design allows marinade to circulate around the contents
  • Sheer sturdy base hold generous quantities
  • Gripping area on the rim and base allows for easy grip and turn to distribute marinade.
  • Great for prepping schnitzels as well as lamingtons too!

Hamburger Press & Freezer Set

  • Hamburger press and ring enables uniform formation of patties / burgers
  • Easy to grasp and use with open handle
  • Stackable for easy freezing and space saving.

Mando Junior

  • Save space and time – easily fitting into a drawer and cuts down on prep time – slice 1kg of potatoes in under 2 minutes!
  • Three thickness setting to adjust thickness of slices – with fourth setting to lock the blades for safety when not in use
  • Safety features include – anti-skid feet, anti-skid large handle and finger protector.
  • Finger protector features three metal pins to hold fruits and veg in place as you guide it up and down the frame of the Mando Junior. 

Season Serve / Hamburger Press & Freezer Set

  • BPA Free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Freezer safe
  • Fridge safe
  • Staining not covered under Guarantee
  • Do not use sharp knives or objects, as this may damage / scratch your press.

Mando Junior

  • The food guider/finger protector should be used for all tasks. 
  • Always store this product in the lock position 
  • BPA Free
  • Wash the blades with caution as they are very sharp
  • Handwashing is recommended 
  • Staining may occur due to colour of fruit and vegetables. Carefully use a paper towel with vegetable oil to wipe the stain to remove/reduce appearance. 

Season Serve / Hamburger Press & Freezer Set 

  • Limited Lifetime warranty

Mando Junior

  • Blades – G warranty
  • Casing – Limited lifetime warranty

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