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Make state of the art Waffles with the TupperChef™ Silicone Waffle Form made from start of the ar... Read more
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Make state of the art Waffles with the TupperChef™ Silicone Waffle Form made from start of the art silicone material. The light-weight, flexible material can withstand temperatures from - 25ºC to 220ºC, making it ideal for use in the freezer, refrigerator, microwave and conventional oven.

Make 4 Waffles at the same time!

The Ultimate Mixing Bowls give you all you need to mix, knead, strain and prep all kinds of foods. With measuring levels right inside the bowls, it's never been easier for you to measure ingredients directly into the bowl. Further, the stable flat bottom keeps them perfectly steady for stirring and kneading. When the job is done, clean-up and storing these modern, thoughtfully designed bowls is easy -just nest them together!

Tupperware utensils are strong and sturdy and will last a lifetime. A loop in the handle allows the KP Beater to be hooked onto a rack. Heat resistant to 120°C, the Beater is suitable for use with stainless steel cookware, non-stick coated pans, microwave cookware and oven dishes. Being non-metallic, it's perfect for protecting your cookware from scratches and marks. The soft grip component is also heat resistant to 80°C.

The KP Gravy Ladle is the ideal tool to scoop and serve sauces, gravies, soups and stews. Optimally shaped to reach the bottom of a pot, pan or casserole and pour smoothly from each side – perfect for making pancakes. Sturdy, ergonomic handle with soft grip allows easy handling. Part of the Kitchen Preparation range, the KP Gravy Ladle features a bright pink coloured handle to easily differentiate it from the other KP tools. Hang or store in the drawer.

Waffle Form | 19.4 x 30 x 2.7 cm

Mixing bowl | 2L | 21.4 x 10cm

KP Beater | 30cm

KP Gravy Ladle | 23cm

Silicone Waffle

  • Flexible, silicone makes them virtually unbreakable and will not deform
  • Pliability makes removing cooked or frozen items a breeze

Mixing Bowl

  • The bowls and seals are designed to nest for compact storage to save space in your kitchen, when not in use.
  • Each bowl features a wide opening with straight walls and a flat bottom, providing a more stable, larger base to prep in.
  • The Seals are watertight and feature a tab, which makes them easy to open.
  • The wide rim on the bowl provides a good grip when moving, holding or straining the bowls

KP Beater

  • Durable and non-scratch
  • Designed to mix, blend, emulsify without ingredients getting caught
  • Heat resistant to 120*C

KP Gravy Ladle

  • Jet black colour used for the body, minimised the visual effect of staining that could happen with foods like tomato concentrate or curry sauce
  • Soft grip element with a sturdy handle to give a comfortable, ergonomic, non-slip, left or right hand grip.
  • Each KP tool has a different bright colour to easily recognize each individual Tool while standing in the Hold n’ Rest or in a drawer.
  • 45ml capacity

Silicone Waffle

  • Do not use abrasive cleaners, scouring pads, knives or other sharp utensils
  • Do not use baking sprays. By using them, the fat can stick to the surface of the silicon form that becomes difficult to clean.
  • Do not put on the stove or close to a grill.

Mixing Bowl

  • BPA Free
  • Fridge and dishwasher safe
  • Can be used with hot food up to 85°C
  • Do not use on stove top, oven, griller or microwave
  • Do not use with sharp utensils

KP Tools

  • BPA Free
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Never leave any of the Kitchen Preparation Tools in the pan while cooking or when the pan is still hot while serving as it will cause melting of plastic of both tip and handle

  • Limited Warranty

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