Looking for a 3.5L casserole dish you can love a lifetime? Here it is! Tupperware's innovative... Read more

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Looking for a 3.5L casserole dish you can love a lifetime? Here it is! Tupperware's innovative casserole pan with lid will change what you think is possible in the kitchen. Our UltraPro all-in-one material is not only safe for the oven, this casserole dish is also safe for microwave, fridge, and freezer. What's more? The covered casserole pan looks beautiful right on the table as serveware. Save time by tandem cooking with this amazing casserole pan: start in the microwave and finish to a golden brown in the oven. Perfect for roasted vegetables, delicious cobblers, and so much more.

Base | 3.5L | 30 x 22.6 x 11.8 cm

Cover | 800ml | 30 x 22.6 x 3.7 cm


  • The base and cover can be used either separately or together, combined in different ways for cooking in a conventional oven. The Ultra Pro range is made of an exclusive lightweight material that can resist temperatures up to 250°C and as low as -25°C and can be used in the freezer, fridge, microwave and oven. 

  • With the UltraPro range being able to go from the microwave to oven the method of Tandem cooking can be used to cut down cooking time.   Use the 2L Base uncovered for cooking bakes or dishes that are best served with a lightly browned or crispy topping. Add the 800ml Cover to prevent dishes such as stuffed vegetable dishes or casseroles from becoming too dry in the oven.  Or Use the Cover as a roasting dish for meat or as a shallow tray to cook oven chips, roast vegetables, poached fish parcels or baked fruits.

  • The rounded shape of the base and the domed cover optimise cooking with even heat distribution and reduce hot spots that can result in overcooking.

  • Steam release vents on the sides of the base and cover help prevent steam build-up.

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