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Our versatile, leak proof and reusable Ultimate Silicone bags allow you to store food with confid... Read more
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Our versatile, leak proof and reusable Ultimate Silicone bags allow you to store food with confidence, travel, take them on the go, organize, and even freeze, reheat and cook without compromising your lifestyle. You can trust their durability and long-lasting reliability.

With our new Slim Bag series - your sustainable, adaptable solution for a more organized and eco-conscious lifestyle.

Your all-in-one solution for versatile, eco-friendly storage. These bags are a game-changer, ready to transform the way you store, preserve and carry your essentials.

The slim design isn’t just about portability; it's also a freezer-space magician. These bags neatly slot into tight freezer spaces, optimizing your storage capacity without the bulk of traditional containers.

Slim Mini 300ml size is great for:

  • Kids snacks to go (Sliced apples, cereal, baby carrots)
  • Make-up essentials (lipstick, nail polish, eyeliner)
  • Vitamins and pills
  • Pet treats
  • Credit cards and cash
  • Trail mix
  • Dried fruit
  • Freeze-fresh herbs

300mL | H 11.5 x L17.7 cm

Colour | Sheer Aquamarine

  • On-the-go convenience: Sleek and lightweight design for on-the-go ease—ideal for snacks, lunch or small items during travel, hiking or commuting.
  • Space-Efficient Freezing: Slim design optimizes both storage and freezer space. Stack for clutter-free and efficient freezing.
  • High-grade food safe platinum silicone: Temperature approved from -25°C/-13°F to 220°C/425°F making these reusable bags ready to go from freezer to microwave.
  • Exceptional durability: Our bags, built robustly with high-quality materials, are designed to endure daily use. Rely on them as your enduring storage solution.
  • Unique leakproof closure: Innovative design features a secure closure that prevents spills, keeping everything mess-free at home or on the go.
  • Wide opening: Allows for easy storage access and the ability to eat directly from the bag.
  • Clever slot: Designed for hands-free carrying with a simple carabiner to hook the bag onto anything.
  • Smart designed: Effortless nesting for compact storage.
  • Flexible: Can be stored in tight spaces
  • Flip Inside-Out: Keep your bag pristine with a quick inside-out flip, making cleaning and drying a simple and care-free task.
  • Transparent window: Makes it easy to see what's inside.

  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Not Safe for Use in Oven
  • Freezer Safe ( up to -25°C/-13°F)
  • Safe for use in microwave
  • Not Safe for Grill
  • Not Safe for use on stovetop
  • Do not use sharp or metal utensils

  • Limited Warranty

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