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Looking for ways to keep the kids busy these school holidays? Get the kids to level up in thei... Read more

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Looking for ways to keep the kids busy these school holidays? Get the kids to level up in their baking game rather than their latest video game. Sneakily work on their math skills with the measuring cups featuring fraction measurements from ¼ cup through to 1 cup. Or how about estimating and measuring with the Slimline Digital Scales. Bake your way into a fun afternoon and enjoy the goodies at the end of it. 

Slimline Digital Scales | Measures up to 5kg | 25 x 18 x 12cm
Measuring Cups | ¼, 1/3, ½, 2/3, ¾ + 1 cup | 13 x 7 x 1cm (nested)
TupperChef™ Princess Form | 400ml | 21 x 18 x 3cm 
Sift N’ Store | 2 Cup capacity | 19 x 12 x 15cm 

Slimline Digital Scales 

  • Easy to store - stability and scratchproof on bench.
  • Anti-slip feet
  • Can weigh large amounts

Measuring Cups

  • Handle features an indentation for 1 teaspoon measure
  • Stackable for easy storage
  • Set of 6 most common measurements, durable  

TupperChef™ Princess Form

  • Withstands temperatures from -25C to +220C
  • Raised handles to ensure good gripping even with oven gloves
  • Three forms can fit on one oven rack. 

Sift N’ Store

  • Vertical sifting mechanism with simple handle makes big jobs - quick.
  • Detachable seals on top and bottom are perfect for dry storage as well as minimizing mess when filling. 
  • Wide funnel ensure easy refills

Slimline Digital Scales

  • 2 year Guarantee
  • Not for professional and/or commercial use.
  • Clean with a damp cloth only
  • Do not use in dishwasher, Spot clean only.
  • Requires 2 x AAA batteries
  • Rechargeable batteries can also be used to help save our environment 

Measuring Cups

  • Limited lifetime Guarantee
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Not suitable for use in the microwave, freezer or oven

TupperChef™ Princess Form

  • Limited lifetime Guarantee
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Microwave Safe
  • Freezer Safe
  • Oven Safe up to 220°C
  • Do not use under a grill.
  • Do not use with sharp utensils 

Sift N’ Store

  • Always dry well before refilling to avoid clumping 
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Not suitable for microwave, fridge, freezer or oven use.

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