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Endless popping.. Endless flavour.. Endless fun! The Microwave Popcorn Maker makes connoisseur le... Read more
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Endless popping.. Endless flavour.. Endless fun!

The Microwave Popcorn Maker makes connoisseur level popcorn with beginner level effort. The ingenious design and simple functionality make it easy to make anything from healthy popcorn popped without butter or oil to endless sweet and savoury creations.

The Tupperware WOW Pop Microwave Popcorn Maker specialty is its all-in-one solution, pop, flavour, shake and serve.  Setting up the WOW Pop is easy! Just expand the silicone base, insert the Glass Popping Tray and place the lid on.  Add raw kernels and microwave to perfectly golden crunchy popcorn! 

The Tupperware WOW Pop is made with high grade food safe platinum silicone and high-grade Borosilicate Glass that makes this the prefect popping and serving solution. The unique combination of the glass and silicone unlock popping efficiency, helping to promote optimal kernel heating. The Vent & Shake Lid allows for moisture to vent while popping and when popping is complete helps to remove un-popped kernels through the Built-In Kernel Colander. Then rotated the Vent & Shake Lid 180° to the closed position you can shake with seasoning, keeping flavours on the popcorn and not on the counter. The flexible and convenient design allows you to Pop and Serve or Pop Season n Serve all in one bowl! And when popping is complete the base nests for compact storage.

Whether you're just looking for something to snack on or feeling creative, the Tupperware WOW Pop Microwave Popcorn Maker make delicious and healthy snack recipes like:

  • Movie Popcorn
  • Chocolate & Speculoos Popcorn
  • Curry Popcorn
  • Mojito Popcorn
  • Italian Cheesy Trove
  • Sweet Crunchy Peanut Popcorn


Dimensions: 26 x 22 x 5.8cm (15cm expanded)




  • Flexible and Convenient Design – Pop and Serve or Pop Season n Serve all in one bowl! And when popping is complete the base nests for compact storage.
  • Glass Popping Tray – The combination of glass and silicone unlock popping efficiency promoting optimal kernel heating and more consistent microwave timing.
  • Vent & Shake Lid – Vents while popping and rotate 180° for closed position to shake with seasoning, keeping flavors on the popcorn and not on the counter.
  • Built-In Kernel Colander – The kernel colander easily removes unpopped kernels with just a few shakes of the popper. 
  • Safe Material – High grade food safe silicone.

For your first use:  

  • Insert the Glass Popping Tray into the silicone base under the two (2) silicone flaps. 
  • Measure out the desired amount of popcorn and add kernels to the silicone bowl.  For best results, never over fill The Glass Popping Tray with kernels. 
  • Place the Vent & Shake Lid on the Bowl in the vented cooking position by aligning vented side on cover with holes on the base.
  • Place the Tupperware WOW Pop Microwave Popcorn Maker in the microwave, set your microwave to 3 minutes on high (at maximum wattage of 1000 watts).  Stay near the microwave and listen carefully to the popping.  Once the popping slows down to 2 seconds between pops, STOP the microwave. 
  • Open the WOW Pop and see the fresh popcorn.  This also ensures that the popcorn stays crunchy as steam escapes. NOTE: open the lid away from your body as steam may come out when you open the lid.
  • Place the lid back on in the vented position and use the Kernel colander to shake out the unpopped kernels.  Take note of the amount of unpopped kernels. 

TIP:  If you only have a few un-popped kernels (like under 10), you did really good and you hit the target on your microwave settings, congrats your now WOW Popping!  If you had a lot of un-popped kernels, you still did good, just add another 15 seconds to the microwaving time the next time you make popcorn. And soon you will be WOW Popping! 



Dishwasher safe

Safe for use in microwave

Not for freezer

Not safe for use in oven

Do not use sharp or metal utensils


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