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Meals in minutes - cook fast, eat slow with this amazing microwave-safe Pressure Cooker! The i... Read more

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Meals in minutes - cook fast, eat slow with this amazing microwave-safe Pressure Cooker! The ingenious design combines traditional pressure cooking with the speed and efficiency of a microwave. Internal temperatures exceed 100°C, resulting in a reduced cooking time and the retention of flavours. The in-built pressure indicator lets you know when it's safe to remove the cover after cooking. Key safety features are etched in the underside of the cover. The 2-litre capacity makes it perfect for mid-week quick eats or even a Sunday roast for up to 4 people. When it’s time to dish up use the Speedy Grater to quickly and easily add grated cheese to your meal.

Micro Pressure Cooker
26 x 28 x 16 cm
3L (2L cooking capacity)

Speedy Grater
25 x 9 x 7cm

Micro Pressure Cooker

  • The Micro Pressure Cooker is perfect for reducing the cooking times of dishes that will normally have long cooking times. You will now be able to cook your stews, soups, casseroles, and desserts spending less time in the kitchen!
  • It reaches higher temperatures which reduces cooking times and since its completely sealed, the foods won’t lose their vitamins and nutrients
  • The internal surface is completely glossy giving it a very elegant look. At the same time, it is protected with color control technology that helps to reduce staining!
  • It has two side handles and one central handle for convenient manipulation. The side handles perfectly match the base handles when the product is closed. This way it is very easy and safe to transport your Micro Pressure Cooker.
  • Comes with a free digital cookbook.

Speedy Grater

  • Bi-direction grater – grates back and forth
  • Notches on the underside of the frame fits on different bowl sizes.
  • Plunger will lock the slider for safety and includes arrow pictograms which indicated the direction of sliding when unlocked

Micro Pressure Cooker

  • Limited lifetime warranty on the casing, Q Guarantee on silicone parts
  • Microwave Safe up to max. 900 watts
  • Hand wash only
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Not Freezer or Oven-safe

Speedy Grater

  • Q Guarantee
  • Hand wash only
  • Before storing clean and dry all parts separately then assemble to store.
  • To lock the Speedy Grater, place the food guide over the blade. Slide the plunger into the food guide. The cutouts and teeth of the plunger should be on the long sides of the body. Push the plunger down. You will hear a click when the plunger teeth are correctly placed into the designated cut outs of the body.

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