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Make sure you upgrade these every meal prep tools to your top drawer for easy access. This col... Read more

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Make sure you upgrade these every meal prep tools to your top drawer for easy access. This collection of tools will quickly become favourite every day tools to use during meal prep. The Basting Brush is perfect for basting your delicious roast dinners and gentle on delicate pastries for the requisite egg wash. The Garlic Star makes crushing garlic so simple and easy and also features handy herb strippers too. The Apple Corer quickly and easily cores apples to make delicious baked apples or get creative and use them on melons and other fruits to make fruit spears for a fun afternoon treat. The Ice Cream scoop gives you the best scoops of ice cream each and every time – what more could you want?

Garlic Star 17 x 18 x 3cm
Basting Brush 20 x 4.1 x 3.6cm
Apple Corer 20.7 x 3.1 x 2.2cm 
Ice Cream Scoop 20 x 5cm

Garlic Star

  • The holes in the stainless steel cutter are sharp to cut well and the fit is precise between the plunger and housing
  • The soft rounded handles fit comfortably in either hand for left or right handed use
  • The ergonomically shaped handles are comfortable to hold, while the wide grip provides stability during use

Basting Brush

  • Cavity in the handle collects any liquid droplets keeping the handle and fingers clean. It also allows the silicone head to dry thoroughly, even when folded.
  • The handle is ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip. A hook on the handle allows it to rest on a kitchen countertop or clip on the edge of a bowl keeping the countertop clean.
  • The brush head is made from flexible silicone bristles that will keep their shape with normal domestic use. The silicone withstands temperatures from -25º C up to +220º C. 

Easylogics Apple Corer

  • The ergonomically designed handle is perfect for left or right handed use and features a thumb indent for a secure grip when coring the apple (pear or even tomato)
  • The serrated tip easily cuts into the skin and flesh, while the fluted cutting edges along the long side will cut cleanly as you twist the corer through the fruit. 
  • The corer is long enough to cut through large fruit while the cutting tip is short to ensure easy removal of the core after cutting 

Ice Cream Scoop

  • Soft ergonomic handle makes scooping a breeze, suitable for left and right hand use
  • Premium quality acid-resistant coating protects against rust
  • Durable retains heat once dipped in hot water for easy unmolding of ice cream. 

Garlic Star

  • Q Guarantee (30 day warranty on all metal parts)
  • Handwashing recommended. Dishwasher safe on the upper rack only.
  • Do not use the TupperChef™ Silicone Spatula to remove pressed garlic from Metal Grid
  • Do not use to crack nuts or seafood

Basting Brush

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • To avoid the absorption of strong odours (garlic, onion, etc) rinse the Basting Brush with cold water immediately after each use 
  • Only the silicone components are heat resistant (+220º C), do not expose the Basting Brush handle or head to high temperatures or heat sources.
  • If basting meat on a barbecue, take care not to expose the Basting Brush to direct flame as this may damage the product.
  • Do not use on sharp surfaces (e.g. open cans, blades) as this may damage the silicone

Easylogics Apple Corer

  • Clean and dry the Apple Corer before first use
  • Handwashing recommended 
  • Q Guarantee (30 day warranty on all metal parts)
  • Always use a cutting board to ensure you do not damage your countertop

Ice Cream Scoop

  • Q Guarantee (30 day warranty on all metal parts)
  • Handwashing recommended
  • Do not leave the scoop in the ice cream or sorbet for an extended period

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