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Get your packets and cans of ingredients open quickly, easily and safely. Even the most diffic... Read more

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Get your packets and cans of ingredients open quickly, easily and safely. Even the most difficult cans are no match for this easy-to-use can opener. Our innovative manual can opener lifts lids away from the can's contents, leaving the pouring rim safe, clean and free from the threat of metal shards falling into the can. No more sharp edges on the can or lid. You’ve never seen a can opener like this before! The innovative design makes it impossible for the lid to fall back into the can making it very hygienic – especially during these covid-times. Teamed up with our chef-grade, versatile and very handy kitchen scissors you’ll have all of your packets and cans of ingredients open quickly, easily and safely.

Ergologics™ Can Guru - 20 x 8.4 x 5.3cm

TupperChef™ Kitchen Scissors - 22cm

Ergologics™ Can Guru

  • The Can Guru is designed with a unique opening system which enables cans to be opened without leaving any sharp edges on the open can or on the lid. This makes the Can Guru safe to use.
  • The Can Guru design ensures that the can lid is removed from the can without your hands touching the can edge, lid or contents.
  • The cutting mechanism does not come into contact with food so there are no nasty bits of metal in the food when the can is opened.
  • The Can Guru doesn’t have any exposed sharp blades and sits stable on the counter top so there isn’t any risk of injury when using it
  • The Can Guru can be used to open cans of many different sizes with a diameter of 5,5cm 7,5cm, 8,5cm and 10 cm and will glide over ring pulls.
  • The Can Guru is easy to use for both left handed and right handed people
  • The Can Guru is designed from high quality material and is durable and sturdy. The cutting mechanism is made from high quality steel and is corrosion resistant.
  • The Can Guru is very compact and requires minimal storage space.
  • The Can Guru is easy to clean. It requires only a simple wipe over with a damp towel

TupperChef™ Kitchen Scissors

  • For left and right-handed use, they are comfortable for all the different hand grips when continually in use.
  • Small serrations on the inside of one blade help to grip the item being cut.
  • Open completely and the blades separate for thorough cleaning. They’re just as easy to re-assemble. Scissors will only separate when blades are in the fully open position

Ergologics™ Can Guru

  • Q warranty (Blades), Limited Lifetime Warranty (Handles)
  • Clean and dry parts thoroughly before closing and storing.
  • Wipe over with a damp towel - this product is not dishwasher safe

TupperChef™ Kitchen Scissors

  • Q Guarantee (30 days) applies to blades
  • Hand washing only and towel drying for best results
  • Spots may appear on the blade which can be easily removed with a commercial stainless steel cleaner
  • Professional sharpening recommended
  • This product is not dishwasher safe

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