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The A-Series Chef Knife: Very easy to chop, slice, dice and cut through cabbage, pumpkin and wate... Read more
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The A-Series Chef Knife: Very easy to chop, slice, dice and cut through cabbage, pumpkin and watermelon as well as other dense foods like potato and squash without difficulty. It is perfect for chopping herbs and garnishes. The flat part of the blade can also be used to crush garlic cloves, scrape foods from cutting boards or easily take cut food from the cutting board to the cookware or bowl by using the back of the blade.

Knife | 37 x 4.7cm
Sheath | 22.6 x 5.3cm
Knife & Sheath Assembled | 27.7 x 5.3cm

  • The Tupperware A-Series Knives are always within reach, hanging on your wall or stored in your drawer.  And it's always safe to reach for them, thanks to the new unique sheath-locking system.

  • These beautiful knives will provide years of effortless cutting. The ergonomic handle fits perfectly in your hand and will help you cut effortlessly.  Impress your family and friends!

  • Japanese Stainless Steel: Tupperware A-Series Knives are Japanese style knives, well-known to be lightweight, precise and really sharp.

  • After each usage, we strongly recommend that you immediately clean the knives by hand in hot soapy water and dry thoroughly before storing.

  • Cleaning in the dishwasher is NOT recommended, it could damage the knife blade due to the aggressive washing agents that can attack stainless steel.

  • Always dry your knives thoroughly before storing them in sheath or knife block.

  • Possible spots on the blade can be easily cleaned with stainless steel cleaner.

  • Never let the knife come in contact with other metal, ceramic or glass instruments as this would damage the cutting edge.

  • Sheaths are dishwasher safe, but do not put knives in dishwasher, as detergent chemicals can damage and dull blades.

  • Use knives on plastic or wood cutting boards only; ceramic and glass cutting boards will dull blades.

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