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VentSmart Small Set

  • Tupperware VentSmart Small Set
NZD $ 91.00AUD $ 79.00

VentSmart Small Set

Our VentSmart range keeps your food fresher, for longer. The unique venting system of VentSmart helps to regulate the atmosphere inside the container by balancing the flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide passing in and out of the container. Adjust the vents according to the type of vegetables or fruits being stored. A handy pictogram on the side of each container indicates what vent to use for each vegetable and fruit type.


  • 2 x Mini  
    L 14 W 9.5 H 7
  • 1 x Small Low 
    L 19 W 14 H 7
  • 1 x Small High 
    L 19 W 14 H 13.5


  • Dry the inside of the container thoroughly before each use
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Do not use in microwave, oven or freezer


Tupperware VentSmart

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