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FreezerKeeper™ Family Set

FreezerKeeper™ Family Set

The new, improved FreezerKeeper range offers the perfect combination of capacities that will allow you to efficiently freeze, store, and organise all sorts of foods in the freezer and fridge. A completely new design of fun colours that will modernise the look of your freezer with optimal performance when freezing and conserving your favourite foods! 


2 x Small Low, 450ml

L 15.2 W 11.4 H 6.2

3 x Small High, 1.1L

L 15.2 W 11.4 H 11.8

2 x Medium Low. 1L

L 22.6 W 15.2 H 6.2


Dishwasher safe.

If washing by hand, use a soft cloth to protect the coating

Don’t place boiling food into containers

Not microwaveable

NZD $ 100.00 AUD $ 88.00