In addition to launching our direct-to-consumer website, we are looking to better profile our Tupperware Consultants and feature YOU to our 200,000+ loyal social media followers across Facebook, Instagram and our newly created Tik Tok account. You will also have the opportunity to be featured across our digital advertising initiatives, reaching more than a million prospective Tupperware customers each month.


How does it work?
We know that as our consultants, you know our products better than anyone! You offer unrivaled advice on product features, key benefits, fun recipes, hacks and more. That's why we want to start featuring you across our main social media channels - acting directly as our Tupperware Influencers to bring in the new-age Tupperware consumer.


How can I be featured?
Simply create a video on Facebook, Instagram or Tik Tok and tag us in it!
Facebook: @tuppaustralia
Instagram: @tupperwareaustralia
Tik Tok: @tupperwareaustralia


All great content will be shared on our stories, profiling you and your Tupperware business to the masses. Each month we will pick standout entries (no more than 4) to be featured on our main social media feed and through our digital advertising. We will contact you for a full copy of the video along with your business page in order to post your video across our social media feeds. 


What sort of videos are you looking for?
Key things we will look for when selecting which videos to profile are:
  • videos around tupperhacks, recipes, and kitchen makeovers are a big hit with consumers and this is the exact type of content we want to see!
  • we would prefer videos to be filmed in portrait mode rather than landscape
  • video must be under 60 seconds long
  • use the hashtag #tupperwareaustralia to further build our online presence 

Any questions? Shoot us an email at