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Host Rewards

With Tupperware, hosting a Party is all about rewards for you. You choose your own rewards! Set a goal based on the products you’d like to receive as your free gift. There are plenty of options and the higher your party sales and bookings, the more you’ll receive free!

How do I set my gift goal?

Easy. Choose a Silver or Gold Level Gift (featured in our monthly promotional brochure). Alternatively, choose products or sets from our seasonal catalogue. Your Party Consultant will help you reach this goal.

Here’s how it works:

Thank You Gift

When your Party Sales reach $500 or above, you can choose either:

An exciting Thank You Gift (pictured in our monthly promotional brochure),

OR Your choice of $60 of Tupperware from our seasonal catalogue.

Silver & Gold Level Gifts

In addition to your Thank You Gift, there are several ways you can earn an exclusive and limited edition Silver or Gold Level Gift. Set your goal using the table below.


Free Tupperware of your choice

Instead of the Silver or Gold Level Gift, you may have something specific in mind, be it a particular product or set. The product/s retail price becomes your goal instead.

The higher the Party sales and number of Parties booked†, the more you’ll have to spend on free Tupperware at the end of your Party. Your Consultant will help you calculate how to reach your Goal using the following formula:

$20 per Party Booking† + $10 for every $100 in Party Sales*
e.g. 1 Party booking + $800 in Party sales
$20 (for one Party booking)
+ $80 (for your Party sales total)
= $100 to spend at your Party on free Tupperware