Want more from your Tupperware Party?

With Tupperware, hosting a Party is all about rewards for you! 
You choose your own rewards. Set a goal based on the products you’d like to receive as your free gift. There are plenty of options and the higher your Party sales and bookings, the more you’ll receive free! Hosts can choose to aim for our Silver or Gold Host Gift, comprised of exclusive items or high valued collections.


View this month's Host Rewards:


View our monthly promotional brochure for more information on this months rewards or, view our seasonal catalogue to select Tupperware product of your choice.

Exceed these qualification levels and continue to earn FREE Tupperware for your sales and Party bookings. See the tables below to find out just how much free Tupperware you could receive. Of course you can always ask your Consultant for more details too. Your Consutant is there to plan your Party with you, set you a Host Reward target and help you to achieve it and even exceed it.  

Here's how it works:


OR, pick your own reward


Instead of the Silver or Gold Level Gift, you may want to choose your own products instead. In that case, the product/s retail price becomes your goal.

Please see the table below to work out how much you'll have to spend on free product.
The higher the Party sales and number of Parties booked, the more you’ll have to spend on free Tupperware at the end of your Party.

Your Consultant will help you calculate how to reach your Goal using the following formula:

$20 per Party Booking + $10 for every $100 in Party Sales*
e.g. 1 Party booking + $800 in Party sales
$20 (for one Party booking)
+ $80 (for your Party sales total)
= $100 to spend at your Party on free Tupperware

What's next?

  1. It's time to get the Party started. Click here to get in contact with your nearest Consultant.
  2. What Host Rewards do you have your eye on? Your Consultant will help you set a goal for your Party and plan out how you will reach it together.
  3. Send your Guests our online invite. Guests can see our online product gallery and view the offers. They'll be able to create a wishlist ahead of the Party. Let your Consultant know what you and your Guests would like to see demonstrated from your wishlists.  
  4. Your Party day arrives. Sit back and let your Consultant bring the magic to your Party. 
  5. Receive your rewards and add to your Tupperware collection!


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