Rewards for you

Host a party and be rewarded with FREE products.

Your consultant will help you set a host goal, plan your party, invite your guests and pick out the products you want to see in action. 

The higher the sales and bookings are at your party, the more rewards you receive, including FREE host gifts or shopping credit to spend on anything you like in our seasonal catalogue. The choice is yours. Receive exactly what you need for your kitchen. 

Each month, we release new host gifts, PLUS new special offers for regular shoppers and party guests.

See the current host gifts available below for parties held between 4th February - 3rd March 2019. If you've got your eye on any of these incredible rewards, make sure you book a party during this period!

Host Gifts

The above host gifts are valid from 4th February - 3rd March 2019.

Shopping credit

Instead of host gifts, you might prefer to spend shopping credit on products of your choice instead.

Just like the host gifts, the higher the sales and bookings are at your party, the more shopping credit you'll earn to spend on products of your choice. Shopping credit must be spent by the time your party ends and on products from the seasonal catalogue (not valid on special offers).

Your consultant can help you set your party goal using the following formula:

$20 per party booked + $10 for every $100 in sales (starting at $600 in sales)
e.g. 1 party booking + $800 in sales
$20 (for one party booking)
+ $80 (for your sales total)
= $100 shopping credit 


What's next?

  1. It's time to get the party started. Click here to book a party.
  2. What host rewards do you have your eye on? Your consultant can help you set a party goal and plan how you will reach it together.
  3. Send your guests our party invite via email. Guests can browse the online shop and view the latest special offers before the party date. You and your guests are able to create a wishlist ahead of time so that your consultant knows what you would all like to see demonstrated at the party. Let your consultant know if there is a specific product or recipe you want to see in action.  
  4. Your party day arrives. Sit back, relax and enjoy the demonstration. Your consultant will show you some incredible tricks and tips for saving time in the kitchen, reducing food waste and getting organised. 
  5. Your party ends and all orders are finalised.
  6. Receive your orders and any host rewards you earned in your party delivery and add to your Tupperware collection!