The Party Experience

We're famous for our Parties

The best way to experience Tupperware products is to hold them and imagine how they can enhance your daily life. You’ll find a Tupperware party truly rewarding. It’s a great tradition and we’d love to invite you to experience it yourself!


Need an excuse to Party?

We didn’t think so. But just in case you do, here are a few you can borrow:

1) Get a free cooking demonstration!

Pick a recipe or two from our recipe gallery and ask your consultant to whip in an engaging and informative one hour demonstration for you and your guests.

2) Do something different

A Tupperware party makes a great theme for a bride-to-be, an office lunch hour, or playgroup! Your local kinder or sports club may be on the lookout for a new and exciting fundraising activity. We’ll even donate 10% of the sales to your cause.

3) Did someone say FREE?

As a Party host, you can qualify to receive host rewards including free products and shopping credit. Your rewards accumulate as your guests spend more. Plus, you can also qualify to receive 50% off any item of your choice from our seasonal catalogue

Our consultants keep it short and sweet, proving that Tuppewrare is about saving time in the kitchen so you have more time living. Your consultant provides you with all the tools you need to host a successful party, including online invitations, ideas on who to invite and tips on maximising your party sales, so you can add more products to your own kitchen and pantry – FREE!

All that’s left for you to do is relax and enjoy the party.