Ever wonder why the majority of people call food storage containers Tupperware? Because we are the ORIGINAL and THE BEST! The only brand of food storage containers in the world that have the durability to outlive their owners...and that’s a fact.

Food Containers for Every Meal

Our huge range of reusable storage containers are stain-resistant, microwave and dishwasher safe. We’ve got the right shape and size container to suit your limited storage space or your glorious walk-in butler’s pantry. And with our innovative and sturdy plastic container design, you would never have to worry about accidentally breaking your Tupperware, like you have to for glass storage containers! Store your favourite dinner, breakfast and home recipes safely.

Browse our everyday storage containers for kitchens, fridges, freezers and pantry essentials like rice, potatoes and spices! We've also got you covered for all your food prep storage needs, and have lots in store for your pets too! Discover our entire range of food storage containers, and let food and liquid spills be a thing of the past!

Airtight Food Containers with Lids

Our liquid and airtight seals will help keep your meals & food fresh and intact while you’re on the go! Browse our range of household food storage containers.

There's no kitchen quite like a Tupperware kitchen! Perhaps you're looking for an entire kitchen refresh or just need to update a couple of storage containers? We've got you! Tupperware kitchen storage containers are exactly what you need to keep the air out and the freshness in and to look oh so pretty on the shelf of course!

Declutter With Our Organising Containers

Don't settle for anything less than the best. Our plastic containers are renowned for their innovative plastic design that helps in prolonging the shelf life of your fresh fruit and vegs like potatoes, and your dry pantry goods like rice and even spices! Our VentSmarts are honoured for extending your fresh produce for up to 4 weeks and our Modular Mates are notorious for their stacking ability and being so incredibly airtight, discover all our fridge and freezer storage containers, to help you make the most out of your space! For all you avid meal preppers, we’ve got the containers you need to get organised. No matter what size kitchen you’re working with, our extensive range of food storage containers will suit every kitchen regardless of its shape and size.

What are food containers used for?

Food containers are a practical kitchen item.  Food containers with lids are essential for storing leftover food, transporting meals and presserving the quality of everyday food items. Tupperware offers a wide range of reusable food container sets to suit your everyday needs.

Why is food storage important?

Food storage is important to preserve the quality and longevity of food. Sturdy food containers with lids, specifically airtight will assist in keeping unwanted moisture and bacteria out. Airtight lids also ensure that there is little to no spillage when transporting or storing food storage containers. 

What makes a food container good?

When choosing a food container, look for features such as airtight seals, even heat distribution and air circulation abilities. Additional benefits like stacking and simple storage are a bonus. Tupperware’s Heat N Eat’s are reliable storage containers for food that are safe to freeze, refrigerate and microwave. Convenient stacking qualities allow for compact storage.

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