Frozen Yoghurt Ice Cream Cake



  • 900ml Greek or natural yoghurt
  • 60ml cream
  • 2 tbs honey*
  • 1 cup mixed fruits diced or sliced (kiwi fruit, berries, diced mango etc)
  • Fruit or coulis, to serve


  1. Place the paddle whisk attachment in the Extra Chef ™, add yoghurt, cream and honey; lock cover into position and pull the cord several times until contents are well combined. Remove cover and blade. Place Seal on Extra Chef and set aside until required.
  2. In Jel N Serv arrange mixed fruits in the base, pressing gently into the walls and base.
  3. Pour yoghurt mixture into the base and cover. Place into freezer for 2 hours or until set.
  4. Serve with extra fruit and coulis as desired.

Tupper Tips:

  • Use coconut yoghurt and coconut cream dairy-free free alternative.
  • *Add extra honey for a sweeter cake.