Winter Warmers: Our Top 4 Comfort Food Recipes to Try

Our Top 4 Must Try Comfort Food Recipes

There’s something super soothing to the soul when it comes to a selection of food often referred to as “Comfort Food”.

A cosy home starts in the kitchen with the creation of such heartwarming food.  The warmth alone is enough to bring you comfort; but more often than not you’ll find that such food is rich in carbs and tasty deliciousness also warms your heart.   Many of these foods that bring such comfort, come from places of such wonderful childhood memories at home or at Grandma’s place. Nostalgic comfort food is also so satisfying because it fills you up, so much so, you may need an after lunch snooze or after dinner nap.


Four Favourite Comfort Food Recipes:

Feel Good Soups

Made fast in the Micro Pressure Cooker


Casseroles, Goulash & Stews

Comfort food for now and food for later. Store safely and securely for simple reheating in Heat ‘N Eats


Mash it up!

A bowl of creamy vegetable mash is hard to beat. Use our sturdy KP Masher for a premium mashing experience. 



Few foods warm you from the inside out more than a creamy bowl of porridge.


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