Why Breakfast is The Most Important Meal of the Day

Here's Why Breakfast is The Most Important Meal of the Day. We hear it all the time: “Never skip breakfast”, “Breakfast like a King”, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. Maybe it is time we all woke up to the BENEFITS of having a healthy breakfast.

Here’s just 4 reasons why it’s so good for you.

1. Kick start your day

All bodies need energy and plenty of nutrients in the morning in order to start the day. Think of it as fuel for the day. This fuel feeds your physical energy to get your body moving.

 2. Switch on your brain

A great breakfast not only gets your body moving, just as importantly feeds your mental ability to study better and be more productive during your working day.

Skipping breakfast might make you feel sluggish and affect your ability to focus, because your brain hasn't received the energy it needs to get things moving.

 3. Better choices

If you have a decent ‘healthy’ breakfast, you are less likely to get the munchies a few hours later and make choices you may regret or be tempted to grab a quick fix unhealthy snack.

Every now again that’s ok; but for long term health benefits, a nutritious breakfast not only helps on the actual day; but also assists your health into your future.

4. Improved Metabolism

It has been suggested that a healthy breakfast aids good digestion and better metabolism and a reduction in a number of diet-related diseases such as type 2 diabetes. Start your day healthy.


One of the main excuses many skip breakfast is lack of time. 

Tupperware has everything you need to help you create a quick healthy breakfast in a short period of time. Try our Breakfast Set for the ultimate quick brekkie on the go!

TIPS: Get the ingredients (that don’t need to be in the fridge) out the night before.

For parents: If your kids see you taking the time to sit down and eat a healthy breakfast it is more likely to encourage them to continue this habit throughout their adult life.

Here are some recipes to try out: