Turn the stress of everyday cooking into a fun, creative and quick task! Prepare, conserve, cook and present healthy and delicious foods for friends and family any day of the week.


We've collected our top 6 Ultra Pro recipes that you NEED to try and have everyone's face like...🤤 at your next get together or family event. and Yes - we love a lasagna all year round.

1. Malaysian Vegetable Curry

2. Roast Chicken 

3. Warming Winter Lasagna

4. Beef and Ricotta Lasagna 

5. Apple Cake

6. Cherry Ripe Brownie

With every purchase of an Ultra Pro you will receive an exclusive Ultra Pro cookbook so you can discover and create your favourite tandem cooking recipes. 


Think you know the Ultra Pro? Here are our top TupperTip's to really get to know your smart oven dish: 

1. Cook Reverse: Use the cover as a base to roast larger size poultry.

2. Stack Cooking: Place the cover inverted between the 1.5L or 2.5L base. Yep! you can cook multiple recipes at the same time, one in the base and one in the cover. Depending on which base you use, the other base can serve as a top cover.

3. Tandem Cooking: As easy as 1,2,3! Cut traditional oven cooking time in half when you microwave for one third of the halved time and finish in the oven for the remaining two thirds. Enjoy moist, tender and golden brown results! 


As always, make sure you are well equipped to store and enjoy your left overs with the following product options:

Food Storage Containers
Meal Prep Containers
Serving Bowls
Lunch Boxes
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