The Home Schooling & Work from Home Juggle - 3 Tips to Keep Calm

It’s another week of juggling working from home and home schooling for many parents and kids. With mummy guilt slowly creeping in and emotions running high both with the kids and within the workplace… the struggle is real!  We’ve reached out to some of the super mum’s and dad’s at Tupperware Australia who are working from home to give us their best tips on how to make this time easier for the whole family.


1. Do your best, be kind and stay nimble

This can be a challenging time for many, as the novelty wears off, things may get a little bit hairy at times and kids will misbehave or challenges with work will come up. Remember we are all in this together, doing our best to protect our health and communities. Do your best but be kind to yourself and patient with your children. Accept that things may not be ideal or perfect and there will be good days and bad days.

TupTip from Liz, Brand & Access Manager

“Don’t be afraid to change your own schedule. If something didn’t work the day before, don’t beat yourself up about it. Start over the next day, change focus and often you’ll come back with greater motivation.

Be sure to regularly ask your kids how home school is working for them – listen to their feedback and consider implementing some of their suggestions into your daily routine. We’ve moved our scheduled reading time from the desk to the couch or bean bag with a cup of Milo, when I have a conference call. They cosy up in the other room to read quietly and I get time to talk without interruptions. If they don’t know how to say or understand the meaning of a word, they write a list and we go through it together when I’m done. It’s great for their comprehension and I get a few minutes away from the computer screen to sit with them."

2. Meal-prep for the week

If you’re used to heading out for lunch from the office, you might find yourself getting distracted in the kitchen when hunger kicks in, and worse, spending too much time preparing lunch - for yourself and the kids - and then having to clean up. If you’re working late evenings, you might not have the time you’re normally used to, to prepare a healthy meal, so it’s tempting to order take-away, yet again. But if you get yourself organised with some of our favourite Tupperware kitchen aids you can cook up a storm with the kids on Sunday and prep your lunch and dinner meals for the whole week. You can freeze them and easily defrost, re-heat and serve when it’s time to quickly prepare dinner.  

Tup Tip from Jane, Culinary Specialist

"Cook more than you need on the weekends and freeze extra portions in Heat’N Eat containers so you have some quick meals during the week when time is short. To reduce meal preparation time during the week, cook basics such as pasta, rice, chickpeas, meatball mixture, cookies and muffins in FreezerKeeper containers so all you have to do is reheat them – they’re perfect to go from freezer, to microwave to table. 
At the end of the week, crumb any leftover bread and freeze for crumbing schnitzels or for adding to meatballs or sausage rolls."


3. Enjoy this unique time

This situation is temporary, and while seemingly frustrating and challenging at times, take a moment to appreciate the uniqueness of the circumstance and enjoy the extra time you get to spend with your kids. You’ll gain deeper insights into what they’re learning, have more time for exercise or family time before and after school as travel is diminished and your kids will find out more about what you do at work, and most likely meet a few of your workmates via video.  

Tup Tip from Jacqui, Marketing Communications Manager

“Having university-aged kids at home 24/7 means more time with them to do some of my favourite things like long walks, games of Scrabble plus cooking together. Often we struggle with all of our busy schedules during the ‘normal’ day to find the time to do such activities regularly.  This is definitely a positive to come out of these home isolation times.”