The Bag Ban is just the beginning: everything you need to know about the banning of single-use plastics

Did you know the weight of humanity is also the same weight of single use plastics produced in a year? Nope, neither did we, but now that we know, let's make the change from single use plastics to reusable products. 

Single use plastic waste is predicted to double by 2040 unless we start acting now. Tupperware has designed and are now selling so many eco friendly products for you to implement in your day to day life. These eco-friendly products will make an impact on how much single use plastic ends up in landfills. Have you tried our Grocery Reusable Bags yet? Instead of packing your fruit and veg into the single use plastic bags, Tupperware has an eco-friendly alternative reusable bag that you can use. 

According to The Guardian, the government has estimated over the next 20 years that 2.7 billion plastic bags will not enter landfills as a result of this ban. 

“This move is part of a state government push to reduce plastic litter by 30% by 2025,” Tamsin Rose said.

On average, Victorians are sending around 68 kilograms of single use plastic to landfills every year. Stop buying supermarket plastic bags, and shop our New Shopping Trolley Bags, which come in a set of 4, online for $30. If you’re after a foldable shopping bag then we have you. Shop our sustainable Foldable Shopping Bag on our website for only $19, keep these beauties in your car and stop paying for your local supermarkets 90c plastic bags. 

Did you know that roughly 8 million tons of plastic waste gets dragged into the ocean every year? Is promoting “save the turtles” really enough to stop people using and creating more plastic waste? How many plastic straws do you think you’ve gone through in your lifetime? According to Eco-Cycle, the average amount of straws per person per day is 1.6. Think about that on a global scale, are you convinced to stop using plastic straws yet? If so, we have the most eco-friendly straw pack available with two detachable pieces to fit any drink size. Shop our Eco Straws online which come with your very own washable pouch and cleaning brush.

“Single-use plastic is used by many of us for just a few convenient minutes, but it remains in our environment for many years, eventually breaking into microplastics*”. 

Coming into play November 1st, all cutlery, chopsticks, single use plastic straws and food picks will all be banned as a part of Australia’s move to stop plastic landfill. Don't wait until November to purchase our Portable Cutlery Set which is on sale now. 

Australia has been drowning in single use plastic bag waste ever since the early 80’s, when supermarkets switched from paper bags to plastic bags. The popularity of plastic bottled water has also further impacted our landfills over the past decades. Don't be part of the statistics, shop our Gen II Eco 500ML Drink Bottle and say no one uses plastic bottles. 

We can be the change this country needs, shop our reusable products online now to help our planet. Be prepared, stay aware and shop sustainably with Tupperware. 

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