The 7 Best Baking Tools You Need in 2022

Every baker, whether you’re a beginner, novice or all round chef needs to have the essential baking tools and equipment to successfully bake. Having sturdy, reliable baking tools will change the way you cook, bake and prepare all kinds of food - trust us when we say we have the best baking tools to help you make that perfect meal. Make no mistakes in the kitchen - from measuring tools to non-stick silicone baking equipment, we’ve got you covered.

Silicone Baking Equipment vs Metal Baking Equipment

Silicone baking equipment is a must-have in every kitchen and essential for every new baker. When it comes down to it, Silicone is lightweight and non-stick, making clean up super simple.

Our signature TupperChef silicone baking appliances will not melt when heated and can withstand up to 220c. Whilst silicone will heat up, you are less likely to get a nasty burn than with handling hot metal! Explore our silicone range – the essential baking tool for beginners.


    The Basic Baking Equipment You’ll Need

    So you’re ready to get your bake on? That’s great! Let’s get you started with the basic baking equipment and baking tools that you’ll need to make the perfect batter.

    At Tupperware, we like to keep things simple, so that even the newest home baker can make the fluffiest cake and moist chocolate brownies. Our essential baking equipment set contains eight of the sturdiest tools that will last you a lifetime. Our reliable Slotted TurnerWhisk and Masher are iconic Tupperware baking must-haves.

    A sturdy Spatula:

    A sturdy spatula is essential when it comes to the consistency of your batter. There's no judgment if you have more than one of these in your baking drawer!

    Silicone Oven Mitt:

    There's no question about this one - Don't accidentally burn your hands on the hot oven!

    A strong and sturdy Beater:

    Call it a whisk or a beater. As long as it's strong, sturdy and heat resistant like our KP tools are.

    Air tight cake container:

    Not eating your delicious goods straight away? Store it in an air-tight container to last you a few days - or freeze!


    The Baking Utensils That Will Be Your Go-To

    Silicone Baking Trays and Moulds:

    Lightweight, non-stick and so practical for every new baker. These kitchen must-haves are a dream to cook with and clean. Double up for big batches.

    Mixing bowl:

    An essential caking baking tool for every recipe! Simple, reliable and perfect for all bakers.

    Measuring Jug:

    Every single recipe will require liquids and dry goods to be measured to ensure the correct quantities. Keep it simple with a classic measuring jug with a 1L capacity. 


    Looking for some recipes to get you started? Browse our range of recipes to find something delicious!