Meet Tupperware's First Glass Container PremiaGlass

The iconic reusable plastic company launches glass, huh? If you know anything about Tupperware, you already know that innovation and versatility are at the forefront of new product development and you guessed it - that innovation is evident in our new glass containers.

Lets get to know PremiaGlass and find out exactly why you need it!

What is the new Tupperware Glass Container PremiaGlass Range?

  • PremiaGlass is 10% lighter than tempered glass – say goodbye to sore wrists from carrying weighted glass food storage containers
  • The Clip-Secure is a smart locking system that ensure 100% airtight and leak-proof performance to ensure there's no spillage plus it will keep your food fresher for longer!
  • Highly resistant to breakage. We’re all a bit clumsy sometimes (lol) but fear not, PremiaGlass is more durable than traditional glass.
  • PremiaGlass is an oven safe glass container, meaning you can use it straight from the freezer, into the oven and onto our table!


Glass or plastic, which food storage container is best?

We love to spoil our customers for choice, and in introducing a Glass Container range to Tupperware we wanted to give consumers more choice, not a choice to pick only one! We believe there is an occasion and a benefit for both types of food storage containers, so lets take a look and weigh up the differences.

Fist we need to consider personal preference, use cases and space.

Versatility - Glass

One of the greatest strengths of our PremiaGlass range is its versatility. Not only can you safely store contents in your pantry, fridge or freezer, but can reheat meals in the microwave or oven then serve straight from the glass container! 

Pro tip? Pair the PremiaGlass with our Clear Bowls for a stunning table setting.

On the go - Plastic

Where many glass containers fall short is their ability to be taken out and about with you. Many major glass container brands do not offer leak-proof lids and are incredibly heavy, making them a poor choice for people wanting to utilise them for packed lunches. This is why Tupperware spent years (yep, years!) designing the PremiaGlass range - ensuring not only is it 100% leak-proof; but also is a lightweight as possible without diminishing its durability.

Taking out design aside, plastic microwave safe containers are still the best option for taking a packed lunch. They are far lighter, more compact and splatter proof in the microwave.

Space saving - Plastic

Whilst the PremiaGlass range is 100% stackable; nothing compares to the space-saving features found in our plastic container range. 

Aesthetics - Glass

Trends change, but if you are following current trends, there is a definite movement for Glass Containers right now. The ability to clearly identify its contents is also a handy feature that consumers love about glass containers. Whilst our PremiaGlass range is able to be used in your pantry storage, we would recommend our Clarity Canisters range if you wanted a glass-look pantry makeover at an incredible price point!


    Want more? Here are some glass container food storage FAQ’s to help answer your queries!

    Is glass safe for food storage? Is it toxic?

    You betcha! Do you think as your #1 food storage container people we would offer you a product that could harm you? Absolutely not! In fact, PremiaGlass is 100% BPA and lead free. Tomato-based meals and other notorious staining foods won't last on these bad boys! The non-porous glass doesn’t absorb food odours, flavour or stains – so you can freeze as much Bolognese as you’d like in these and still end up with a crystal clear base.

    Can glass containers be frozen?

    Glass food containers are freezer-safe, so the glass won’t break! Because PremiaGlass has a liquid-tight seal, you won’t have to worry about any nasty juices or liquids making a mess of your freezer, unlike other glass freezer containers. PremiaGlass makes a perfect meal prep container, especially for colour-filled meals, like Bolognese. Whilst our other freezer-safe containers can go in the microwave, PremiaGlass can withstand temperatures up to 300 degrees, meaning you can prep, freeze and place your meals straight in the oven*!

    Are glass containers dishwasher safe?

    This one really comes down to the type of glass that you have. PremiaGlass is made from 100% borosilicate glass, a durable – see through container that can go from microwave, oven to the table, freezer and yes, the dishwasher!

    Do glass containers break?

    Whilst some glass containers break, Borosilicate glass is far more durable than traditional tempered glass and can withstand accidents that would otherwise break.


    *Lid is not suitable for oven or microwave use.