Our super versatile UltraPro™ range, perfect for the colder months

Cooking with plastic in the oven, really? Using exclusive technology to provide unbeatable strength, an easy clean polished surface and a lightweight feel, this cookware allows Tandem Cooking ™ by combining time saving microwave cooking with the golden brown benefits of oven roasting. Your cooking time is less, clean up is a breeze and they stack into each other saving valuable space.

One of the biggest advantages is that each component can be used in different ways. The cover doubles as a shallow dish, the notches in the corner of the rim can be used as a spout to drain liquid and the steam vents on each side can help prevent steam build up and direct steam away from the user.

When you remove this cookware from the oven, the material retains heat to prolong the cooking process, so always stand 5 minutes before serving.

Use the 3.3L rectangle for lasagnes, cakes, pasta bakes, roasts and rice dishes. All in one pasta bakes are a breeze. You can mix and bake and going and do something else while it is cooking! Yay something that gives you some time back.

The 3.5L oval is perfect for roasts. You won’t believe how easy, quick and mess free it is.

Beat the cold weather with some of these easy and cost effective all in one recipes that the family will love.


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