Our Five Top Reasons Why Everyone Should Meal Prep

Our Five Top Reasons Why Everyone Should Meal Prep

There are literally dozens of reasons why you should meal prep. It may take a little planning up front; but you will reap the benefits almost straight away, once you get started. 

1. Save time

Nobody told us that becoming an adult meant having to decide what to have for breakfast, lunch and dinner every single day, for the rest of our lives.  Whether you love cooking or not, meal planning and creation is a job that takes up a lot of time, so meal prepping can really help in saving you time.

2. Save money

Making a list before you go shopping will mean you have a better chance of only buying what you actually need.  Start off by checking what you already have stocked in your pantry and also in the fridge.

3. Waste less and become a food hero

So often we buy too much food, especially fresh food and end up wasting it. On average Australian’s throw away $2,000 to $2,500 worth of groceries per household each year*. That money could be used on a holiday for instance.  Storing food in the right container will prolong its life too.  Storing fresh fruit and vegetables in Tupperware® VentSmart and dry ingredients in Tupperware® Modular Mates is a worthy start.

4. Cook once, eat twice or more.

Cooking even a simple meal takes time. Why not cook up a larger quantity and save it for the next day or better still freeze a few extra portions for later in the week or the following week. Using the right Fridge Storage Containers to store in the fridge and Freezer Storage Containers is important to prolong the life of the meals you cook up. Planning on reheating your food? Make sure to use microwave safe containers or our Heat N' Eat® range for quick and easy meals.

 5. Prep N Portion

It sounds obvious; but planning meals will allow you to see how much you're actually going to eat. Meal prep means making a larger quantity of food to divide up across several meals. Preparing meals this way often helps with portion control, so you eat enough each meal; but reduces the chance of over eating.  Our limited edition Prep N Portion Set is perfect for this.



*National Food Waste Strategy Feasibility Study, as cited in foodbank.org.au