Make Your Own & Save

While we are spending more time at home and money may be a little tight for some families, here are some ways of making your own versions of some grocery items you may regularly buy, and keeping more money in your pocket. The kids may even want to help. These items will remain fresh in our airtight Modular Mates® containers.

Incorrect storage is one of the top ways to waste food and money. So the first step is to see what you have before you shop. Buy in bulk where you can, store in our airtight containers and rotate any close to use by items in some of the ways below:

Make your own breadcrumbs

Make your own breadcrumbs without the preservatives with leftover bread. Remove crusts from bread. Place slices of bread on a TupperChef™ Large Baking Sheet. Place on a baking tray. Bake at 150◦C (130◦C fan) for 10 minutes until dry, but not coloured. Allow to cool. Place a little at a time in an Extra Chef™ fitted with triple blade attachment and blend to crumbs. Store in a Modular Mate container to keep dry and crisp and keep free from pantry moth. Use to crumb schnitzels and patties for a lovely crispy crumb. Much cheaper than paying up to $5 a packet. You can freeze them too in a FreezerKeeper™ container to use later on.

Make your own granola

A beautiful granola is a great way to fuel yourself for breakfast. It is also perfect as a snack and for sprinkling over yoghurt for a simple dessert. Make your own with ingredients you probably already have in your pantry, such as oats, coconut, seeds, maple syrup or honey, oil and cinnamon. You can customize the seeds and add dried fruit or chopped dark chocolate to your taste. Pack into a Modular Mate container or a Clarity Canister to give as a gift!

Make your own pancake mix

Instead of buying expensive premixes; making your own is a great way of encouraging your kids to start cooking. If the mix is available pre made in a Modular Mates container, they just have to add the wet ingredients and some banana, berries or choc chips. You can also make gluten free option if you have family members with allergies. Store in a Modular Mates container with a different coloured seal for easy reference.

Make your own oat crackers

Make your own oat crackers to serve with dips and cheese. You will never want or need to buy crackers again once you try these healthy oat crackers made from simple pantry ingredients, and they are healthy! Oats are a cheap base and can be used in many different ways. Grinding them in an Extra Chef is a great way of making oat flour, which can be used in pancakes and muffins too. These crackers also have some chia seeds or sesame seeds, a little salt, sugar, oil and water and baked in our TupperChef™ Large Rectangle Form. Great for lunchboxes too!