Keep your produce crisp and fresh this summer

The end of the year and approach of holidays sees the gentle change from crisp spring days to drier, warmer weather that lures us to the beach and outside dining. Crisp floral air changes to the distinctive smell of beach and sunscreen and the exciting arrival of summer produce.

We have already welcomed mangoes and beautiful fresh greens into our kitchens in spring, but summer brings colour in the form of beautiful stone fruit- peaches, apricots, berries, cherries, grapes and melons. With wanting to eat leaner in the sometimes oppressive heat, we can feast on fresh in season beans, beetroots, capsicums, chillies, corn, eggplant, zucchini and commonly, an over supply of sweet red tomatoes.

VentSmarts are the perfect choice for prolonging the life of your produce. Use the Large Highs for your lettuces, celery, cucumbers, corn, eggplants and ingredients which are large and bulky. The Medium Lows are great for herbs, cucumbers, fennel, zucchini, asparagus, rhubarb, silver beet and berries. Small highs are great for carrots, grapes, eggplants, melons and beans. Small lows are perfect size for berries, cherries and cherry tomatoes. With adjustable airflow, you can conserve your veggies for up to 10 days longer and enjoy fresher fruit, reducing your trips to the shops and saving you money. As for all produce, place items straight into the VentSmart and wash before use.

With a plentiful supply of affordable summer berries, grapes and stone fruit, it’s great idea to freeze some in FreezerKeepers® for the cooler months when they are out of season to use in muffins, smoothies and cakes.


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Pickling is another way to preserve summer produce for use in the cooler months. Not only are fermented foods a great choice for gut health, but once you have a great base recipe for a brine, you can pickle most vegetables such as cucumber, carrots, chillies, zucchini, asparagus, capsicum, cabbage, fennel, onions and cauliflower. Store in a Pick-A-Deli so a quick snack, burger topper or cheese board accompaniment is only a reach away.

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Keep the kids cool on hot days by blending some berries up with banana and yoghurt or coconut milk in your Extra Chef® and freeze in LolliTups. Little fingers can easily help themselves and invert the cap for a convenient non-drip handle. Using up produce you already have or fruits which are coming to the end of their life is a great way to reduce waste and is a healthier choice to buying expensive processed snacks.

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Turn everyday drinks into impressive cocktails or mocktails by making some interesting ice blocks with fresh mint, berries or cucumber. Cool Cubes make it so easy to have ice cubes always on hand and with their silicone bases, they are so easy to pop out.

The Aloha range and Space Saver Bowls make outside dining and on the go eating a cinch with airtight seals and virtually unbreakable material, you can use them over and over. Transport leftover barbecued chicken, seafood, meats and salads packed in these beautiful pastel coloured bowls in your esky to your next picnic.

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Enjoying food picked in the peak of their season, storing them correctly and using them thoughtfully at the end of their life is a great way to reduce waste and live sustainably. Summer produce requires minimal cooking to create wonderful family dinners.

Find some great summer salads and recipes on our website.