How Tupperware's Eco range will make life better for you and our planet

Mother Earth is our home and our vision at Tupperware is to increase the longevity of our planet, our people and the communities in which we live and work by significantly reducing the amount of food and single-use waste produced.


Not all plastics are the same. Eco+ is our sustainably sourced range of reusable products made from certified renewable material to make life better for you and our planet. By re-using discarded mixed plastics to create the Eco+ raw material, we’re introducing a circular economy to the Tupperware production process. A circular economy simply means that we do everything we can to reuse materials and products to reduce waste and use less of our precious natural resources. In a circular economy, we find a way to reprocess plastics instead of allowing them to end up as waste in the ocean.

Make a sustainable choice with our eco-friendly Eco+ range

Refill and reuse these handy 500ml bottles, bowls and lunch set again and again and again. You too can be part of changing our future by making changes from single use plastic to reusable. We can achieve this together, one day at a time.

Quality that lasts and lasts.

Tupperware Eco+ range not only helps the planet, they also help your budget as our products are made to  last longer, contaminate less and preserve food for longer. The future says thank you when you choose reusable today.

Did you know if 2 million people chose to reuse their cup/bottle just once a week, it would save 104 million cups/bottles a year from landfill?*