How to Create a Mouth-Watering Grazing Platter

Charcuterie board, grazing platter, cheeseboards; whatever you choose to call them, they are incredibly popular for sharing while entertaining family and friends. What started out decades ago as nibbles or pre-dinner finger food, can now also be considered almost a meal within itself. But how do you create a grazing platter? It takes more than just placing items on a board, so follow along to find out how to make an aesthetically pleasing charcuterie board to impress your guests! 

First up, Cheese

The star of the platter is always the cheese, and placing it onto the platter first is a great way to have a starting point to build your grazing platter design around. Selecting a variety of textures ranging from soft to hard cheese allows for diversity in texture throughout the charcuterie board. It’s personal choice really; but an aged cheddar, a brie or a camembert are always popular and many enjoy a blue cheese.

Be creative with cutting your cheeses and placing them on the board, you can do this by cutting a triangle out of your round cheeses, crumbling, or layering some slices to create a train of cheese. 

Preserving your cheese is important so it can stay fresher for longer, so you can pre slice and store in the fridge if you prefer! Remember to take your hard cheeses out at least an hour before ready to serve.

Deli Lovers, This Ones For You! 

So many options are available at your local deli, including a wide range of salami and cured meats, so choose a different options to show a variety of colour and texture, for example a spicy salami and prosciutto! You can create flowers by rolling these up, or folding and layering to create a deli-path along your grazing platter.

Once your two staples are on, place a few small bowls on the board and fill with olives, dips, pate, pickles...the list is endless! 

Time to Bulk it Out with Fruit & Crackers 

The freshness of fruit, such as grapes, fresh figs and berries add some zing to your offering. Continue to build up your grazing board by placing these around your design, spreading out the love to create an aesthetically beautiful charcuterie board.  

Add Some Crunch 

Lastly, add a selection of different sized crackers, sliced freshly baked sourdough or baguette to create a perfect grazing board! If you're feeling extra fancy, you can add in some edible flowers, dried rosemary, or pretzels!


If you haven't already added in condiments such as quince paste, fig jam, honey comb or olive tapenade- these bring some complimentary flavours to the mix, and create that aesthetically pleasing charcuterie board!

Now that you have created a perfect grazing board, follow the steps below to preserve, slice and store your leftovers.

Slice It Right 

Creating the perfect slices of cheese is very important for the presentation of your board. Tupperware U Series Cheese Knife glides through soft and hard cheeses, and is a must for cheese lovers!

Store It Right 

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