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A Guide to Cooking Rice in The Microwave

Have you ever learnt a cooking hack so good that you could never go back? Well, were about to put you onto one of our favourite, convenient and hassle free tricks: Cooking Rice in a Microwave!

The best part is that it’s easy, time efficient and mess free with our simple steps below. Microwave rice requires less supervision, and less clean up for a smooth experience when cooking from home.

Were about to show you how with the right precautions cooking rice in a microwave is safe, and easy to perfect every time. 

What To Check Before Cooking

Of course we want a perfect, fluffy and evenly cooked batch of our microwave rice every time- so here are a few simple steps to check before embarking on your microwave rice journey.

Because everyone’s microwave can be different wattages (we all know the microwave at work doesn’t work as well as at home), its important we check what temperature the microwave works on. This can usually be found on the inside of the microwave door, or through the serial number on the back.

It’s important to not miss this step as it can effect the cooking time of your microwave rice- and besides, you only have to do it once!

Choosing The Right Microwave Containers for Cooking Rice

Now that we have figured out our wattage, we can move onto another essential step for our light and fluffy microwave rice. No doubt choosing the right container for your microwave rice can alter the effectiveness, but finding the best suited container for heat distribution is the key to perfecting each batch.

Majority of microwave rice recipes online suggest covering with plastic wrap, but Tupperware have you covered (no pun intended) with our Microwave Rice Cooker. Our unique microwave cooker is simple to use, and can make up to 4 cups of rice in under 20 min! With a water fill indicator, double cover and solid handle grips – you’ll have no need to check, stir or change the power setting during cooking.

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Let’s Get Into The Details: How To Cook Rice in The Microwave

No matter what strain of rice you are looking to cook, there are a few universal steps to take.
Our recipe below is for cooking 1 cup of white rice at a 900watt microwave.

If you are looking on how to cook brown rice in the microwave, jasmine or basmati- keep scrolling for the nitty gritty details.

Step 1) Wash Your Rice
A controversial step in rice cooking, but we all agree at Tupperware that this helps with the fluffiness of your microwave rice.
Simply rinse your rice in a mesh strainer until you see little to no starchy water.

Step 2) Add to Microwave Safe Container (Or your Tupperware Micro Rice Cooker)
Add your 1 cup of rinsed rice to your microwave safe container, along with 1.5 cups of cold water.

Step 3) Do You Need A Cover?
If you are using the Microwave Rice Cooker, this is where you would secure the insert and lid, otherwise- have a lid or plastic wrap ready to go for your container.

Step 4) Microwave!
Start the microwave on medium for 12 minutes. Note: Remember to use oven mitts when taking your container out of the microwave if you’re not using the cooling grips on the Microwave Rice Cooker.

Step 5) Let Sit
I know, were excited too- but we need to let it fluff up!
Microwave Rice Cooker – sit for 5 min
Microwave Safe Container- add cover and sit for 10 min
Note: If the rice is still not at your desired fluff, pop it back in the microwave for 2-3 minutes!

How Long To Cook Rice in The Microwave

Now that we have all agreed that cooking rice in the microwave is simple, energy and mess efficient- its important to consider the various elements that can affect our perfectly light and fluffy microwave rice.

We suggest 10-12 minutes for white rice, and 18-20 minutes for brown rice. For example: An 800 watt microwave will take closer to 12 minutes, where as a 1200 watt will take closer to 10.

The cooking time can also be affected depending on what rice you are cooking- so good thing we explain that below!


Basmati, Jasmine, White & Brown Rice: How To Cook The Different Types of Rice Using a Microwave

If you’re wondering how to cook brown rice in the microwave for a hearty alternative, or cooking basmati for your flavourful Indian/ South Asian dishes - follow the chart below for some light changes.

Brown Rice – 1 cup rice: 2 cups water (18-20 min)
White Rice – 1 cup rice: 1.5 cups water (10-12 min)
Jasmine Rice – 1 cup rice: 1.25 cups water (10-12 min)
Basmati Rice – 1 cup rice: 1.5 cups water (10-12min)

Here is our favourite recipe with rice at Tupperware to kickstart your inspiration! 

How To Store Microwave Cooked Rice

Congratulations on your perfect microwave rice! But wait… cooked to much? Look, we have all done it- sometimes we forget that 1 cup of dry rice magically turns to 3 cups of cooked rice!
Not to worry as you can store your leftover rice in the fridge for up to 4 days or freezer for up to 3 months. Just make sure your rice is completely cooled down, and use an airtight container suitable for the freezer- like this one here.