FAQ | Staying safe during COVID-19

At Tupperware, we care about keeping our consultants and customers safe during these difficult times. More than ever, it’s important to take care of each other and the weaker members of our community by making sure you follow the guidelines and restrictions imposed by the government and authorities.
We believe in providing the very best products for everyday solutions for everyday life, even when life takes a turn. We’re all in this together as we dedicate ourselves to social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Can I still hold a Tupperware Party?


Tupperware Parties don’t have to be in-person, there are many great ways to meet online through social media and other communication platforms. And it can still be FUN - think about holding/joining a Tupperware Pyjama Party or join an online Tupperware cooking class! :)

Can I still be the host of a Tupperware Party?


Contact your local Tupperware Consultant to arrange an online Party where you can invite your friends and family to join in the fun. The Consultant can suggest different ways to meet; create a closed Facebook Event, Zoom conference call, Facebook Messenger hangout and more. You will still be able to get Thank You Gifts and Hostess Gifts - see what you can get this month!

Can I participate in a Tupperware Party?

Yes, you sure can!

Reach out to your local Tupperware Consultant to join in on an online Party they may already be holding or consider hosting your own party with friends and family!

Can I still buy Tupperware products?

Of course!

In fact, there are many products that can help you during your time at home; VentSmart’s keep your fruits and vegetables fresher for longer, we have great solutions for storing leftover food, FreezerSmart’s to optimize storage of your frozen meals and so much more. Take a look at our website and connect with a Tupperware Consultant to order products (they may even be holding an online Tupperware Party you can join!).

Can I still start as a Tupperware Consultant?


This could be a great time for you to start your journey as a Tupperware Consultant; the extra income, work in your own time at home, connect with others and hold your Tupperware Parties online. The sky's the limit and we are here to guide you and help you get started!