Everything you need to know about Tupperware® in 2021

Firstly, yes, hi we’re still here, we’re thriving and to answer your question no, we’re not closing down in Australia. You may have had a chat to someone about Tupperware® recently and their response was, “they’re still going?” You betcha! We’re coming up to 60 years in Australia and we’re loving every single minute of it. Many have tried to be like us; but there’s only one Tupperware® brand.

Whilst we may look a little different, we’re still the same OG Tupperware® that your grandmother has in her cupboard and the same party people that your mother used to go to. Here’s everything that you need to know to get you up to speed about Tupperware® in 2021. 

We’re online!

Well yes, you’re currently reading about us on our very own website! You can order our products online and have them shipped straight to your door. While we love our parties, you don’t have to attend an event to buy – but we do love demonstrations and tutorials with some of our very knowledgeable consultants.

Welcome to the club!

We love rewarding our community so earlier this year we launched a brand new loyalty club, where you can earn ‘Brownie Points’ for every dollar you spend! You can later redeem your points on future purchases giving you a nice discount. Score! Want to know more? Read about our Loyalty Club here.

Tupperware® is BPA free.

This has got to be one of our most frequented questions. Our products are not harmful nor bad for you and you certainly won’t die from our plastics! If you look after your Tupperware® and follow our care guidelines, like not having citrus in our Clear Bowls – because they stain, then they’ll last forever*. If you have any concerns please email enquiriesAU@tupperware.com

Is 40 year old Tupperware® safe?

Vintage Tupperware as we like to call it is not bad for you. If your containers are still in mint condition from 1960 – well done! We do recommend a kitchen refresh as our products are regularly updated and made with more durable, environmentally friendly and sustainable materials.  We’ve always been about reusing, recycling and reducing our environmental impact – that’s why returned Tupperware products are recycled into new products to give them a second life!

Is Tupperware® worth the money?

Um, absolutely! Not that we would tell you to leave our website right now and go to Kmart.

We’re more than just containers.

That’s right! We have an entire range of kids, kitchen tools and accessories to make your life so much easier. We’re also big on microwave cooking to save you from spending hours waiting for traditional oven cooking. Did you know that our products are so specialised that you can put our oven dishes in the microwave?  We even have Microfibre cloths that help you clean up without using chemicals. Oh and we just launched a pet range! Keep an eye out on some new additions to the Tupperware range this year!


image source: myorganisedlife