Eco Swap - Ditch the Disposable Cloths

Easy Eco Swaps Around The House

We all want to minimise our impact on the environment by using less single use plastic and consuming less. Try this simple eco swap to make a small personal difference:

Tupp Eco Swap #2 Ditch disposable cloths & use our Microfibre Multi-Purpose Towel

Clean without using harsh chemicals with our Microfibre Multi-Purpose Towel instead of buying multiple cleaners and using disposable cloths.
These towels absorb a lot of water and are fast drying.

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They come in a set of two and can effectively clean most surfaces with just water, saving you money buying separate cleaning products for different purposes.

Used dry, they keep stainless steel smudge free and your car dash dust free.

Simply hand wash and re-use again and again.