7 ways to be more kind to the earth

April 22nd is Earth Day, but here are 7 ways you can make every day earth day, and be kinder to our planet.

1. Drink from a reusable water bottle

Approximately one million tonnes of Australia’s yearly plastic consumption is single-use plastic, 84% of this plastic is discarded into landfills whilst only 13% is recycled. Refilling a Tupperware Eco bottle is a great way to reduce single use plastic. BPA free and easy to clean, it’s good to have a few in different sizes for the whole family. It is also a great way of measuring how much water you drink in a day. Having a Large Commuter Mug also saves on disposable coffee cups for hot drinks.

2. Go paperless

Try to avoid paper bills and receipts Try and do it all online. Any paper you do use, recycle.

3. Use a reusable shopping bag

Keep reusable shopping bags in your car for your next grocery shop to reduce disposable plastic use. Try our Foldable Shopping Bag which is strong and dependable. You will use it over and over again and folds down into a little compact square so a great space saver!

4. Cut down on eating meat and animal products and eat more vegetables.

Meat production uses a lot of energy and water. Decide to eat more vegetables and use alternate proteins, such as nuts, legumes and tofu, which will save you money too. When you do eat meat, use every bit of it - strip off the meat for dinner, use any excess in salads for lunch and make stock from the bones. Fill a bowl with veggie scraps every time you cook, such as carrot, ends, celery, onion offcuts, fennel, broccoli, mushroom stems and herbs. Freeze them in a FreezerKeeper and use them to make stock. When ready to use, place in a large pot, pour in enough cold water to cover and simmer for 2 hours. Remove solids, skim any fat, season and refrigerate or freeze for later.  So much cheaper and better tasting than salty, processed stock cubes.

5. Be mindful of your energy and water usage

Australia has one of the highest water consumption rates per person in the world. Cutting down on water and energy consumption in your household can help lower both your utility bills, and make a positive impact on the environment. There are many simple and easy ways to do your part. Turn off lights and use natural light where possible. Try to reduce your shower time, or put a timer on showers so you are not using excess water. Catch excess water in the shower with buckets and bowls to use on your plants.

6. Drink with reusable straws

Never use a plastic straw again with our new Eco Straws. Made from repurposed materials they are the ultimate eco choice and they come with a cleaning brush- all in a compact hygienic pouch. Perfect for on the go.

7. Swap/reuse/repurpose

Swap used or unwanted goods with friends or a group rather than throwing out. Also think before you buy. It’s easy to buy rather than fix or repurpose. Sometimes items can be repurposed into something completely different like old t shirts can be cut up and soaked in a homemade disinfectant solution for sustainable cleaning. Get into DIY projects online for some great ideas.