6 ideas for family fun night

Spend more time with your little ones is priceless. Family fun nights do not have to be complicated, they should just be about building lasting memories and honoured traditions.

Here are a few ideas to make the most of these cherished evenings:

1. Make some popcorn, grab a cosy blanket and watch a movie.

Have some fun and turn your living room into a movie theatre. Create movie tickets and a concession stand. Give the kiddies some Monopoly money and have them pay as if they were going to the cinema— they will absolutely love it! Go that extra mile and also make personalized popcorn cups.

2. Board Games

Whether they are classics from your childhood memories or the latest creations, board games are a great way to bond, build memories and have some fun, all at the same time. There are so many types of board games that you’ll never run out of new ones to play with the family!

3. Cooking night

Share old family recipes or try new ones. Make some pizzas, decorate cupcakes, prepare a homemade snack mix or bake a pie. Cook together or have a cook-off – it’s about meals you can make and enjoy together at the dining table. Bon Appétit!

4. Arts & Craft

Cover the floor with a large bed sheet or canvas drop cloth because things are about to get a bit messy. Kids love getting their hands dirty along with everything else around them! Suggest painting a family portrait together, or decorating t-shirts, flowerpots, picture frames or holiday ornaments. You can also create keepsakes out of the kids’ hand and footprints to show them in the future. It’s all about opening up their imagination and being creative.

5. Home Video night

Everyone loves to get a glimpse of when they were younger, including kids. Create a slideshow using pictures of them growing up. Show them photos of when they were born, first steps, birthdays, places they’ve travelled, and other family members. Also, this can be a good opportunity to start a new tradition by making annual home videos of the family.

6. Theme Nights

A little theme leads to lots of fun! Choose your theme for the night and take it as far as you want. From dressing up, cooking dinner, having a movie marathon, throwing a dance party, the list of things to do on Theme night are endless. Some fun themes to try with the family could be Princess night, Sound of Music night, Carnival night, Circus night, Hawaiian night, Mexican night, Football night. Let the adventure begin!