4 ways to be the ultimate meal prepper

Want to feel organised and ahead of the week before it’s even started? Two words: Meal prep.
Batch cooking is the ultimate way to save time, money and save your future self from eating greasy takeaway food (however if you are reading this on a Sunday morning after a night out, you are excused). 

All you need are some of Tupperware’s renowned, time saving cookware and versatile meal prep containers to get you started. Here are our top 5 tips to be the ultimate meal prepper.

1. Invest in a pressure cooker

Forget sacrificing an entire day to meal prep – with our Micro Pressure Cooker you can easily create a weeks’ worth of lunch or dinner all in the one pot…in the microwave 😲.

With a 2L capacity, you can cook a delicious curry for dinner, spag bol for your work lunches, or even a weeks’ worth of desert all in the pressure cooker in under 30 minutes. Need some extra inspiration? Our Pressure Cooker also comes with a FREE Cookbook! Be inspired by our Chef selected meals, eat some for dinner and keep the rest for another meal later in the week. Go and pour yourself a glass of red while your food cooks, you deserve it.

2. Carb up your meal

Life’s all about balance, right? According to health experts, a balanced meal is made up of protein, veggies and carbs. To serve alongside your wholesome meal cooking in the Micro Pressure Cooker, grab our Pasta Cooker or the Micro Rice Cooker to carb up your meal. Say goodbye to messy, bubbling-over stove cooking and hello to easy measuring, cooking and even draining your pasta or grains. We’re totally crushing over the Pasta Maker as it’s a game changer for a time-poor, beginner cook who may struggle to not overcook their pasta. PLUS it’s the perfect solution for those with a small kitchen as you no longer need a strainer!

 3. Have the right storage containers

Thinking of storing your meal prep in old takeaway containers? Just don’t. Our BPA free Heat N’ Eat containers are perfect for portioning and storing leftovers in the fridge or freezer. Enjoy your meals at home, at the office or on the go again and again with the original and the best meal prep containers. Heat N Eat containers make defrosting or reheating in the microwave a breeze - simply pop the valve, indulge and then pop them straight in the dishwasher. Whether you plan to cook up in bulk or want to divide your meals in to pre-portioned amounts, we have the perfect size just for you!


4. Repetition

Once you get into the swing of meal prepping for the week, you will not go back. Not only will you save an incredible amount of time, but you’ll save money, reduce food waste, plus if you’re sticking to a diet 🙌 it’s the easiest way to ensure you stay on track!

Stay motivated and switch up your meals by regularly checking our recipe section ahead of time and planning your grocery shop with our super easy, flavoursome recipe ideas! From 15-minute family wonders to delicious deserts, we’ve got a recipe for every occasion.