12 Essential Tools every kitchen Must-haves

Everyone has a kitchen but that doesn't mean you have to be stuck with the same kitchen tools. Leave the hard work of preparing and cooking to some of our favourite Tupperware tools. Our kitchen tools and utensils are designed with practicality in mind. From cutting boards to mixing bowls, these are the must haves in any kitchen. Prep it faster and easier with our 12 favourite kitchen tools, utensils and gadgets:


  1. Chop it fast with our Super Dicer, it will cut your prep time by at least half as it provides 100 precise dices in one single press. This all in one Super Dicer is so fast and easy to use, plus it takes the stress out of chopping your ingredients. Our Super Dicer can be used for cutting and slicing vegetables, herbs and fruits at one simple chop. 
  1. Before you can say, “I want to be a chef!” you need to get yourself the right tools. Cut it like a pro with our unique premium U-series Maxi Knife Set. Many would say that the knife is the most important of all kitchen tools. Whether you're cutting bread, tomatoes or hard cheeses, we offer a wide range of knives for precision cutting. You’ll find a knife for every cutting task in our U-Series Maxi Knife Set. 
  1. The right utensil is available with Tupperware’s KP Tools. Our range of tools are sleek, sturdy and perfect for non-stick cookware. No more scratches and no more bacteria, sometimes found on wooden utensils.  Check out our whole range of KP Tools here to ensure you have all the cooking utensils on hand in your kitchen.
  1. Utensil Sets come into our range regularly. Right now, our Terrific Trio are on promo for only $37. Tupperware knows best when it comes to strong and sturdy utensils and our Terrific Trio are essential items to have when cooking up a storm. These three utensils offer the best in beating, serving and mashing. 
  1. Slice it with our Mando Junior, the best tool to have in your kitchen if you’re wanting a consistent slice for your fruit and veg. Our Mando Junior makes light work of slicing a variety of fruit and vegetables in a consistent thickness. Tupperware's Mandoline has three different slice sizes available including thin, medium and thick. Our Junior Mandoline is safe and easy to use, plus stores away in a small space. 
  1. Need an easy to use peeler in your kitchen? Well look no further with Tupperware's Vertical Peeler. Our carbon steel blade peels all of your soft and hard fruit and veg and is an essential item to have when cooking. Peel it with our easy to hold and clever vertical peeler. Peels right every time. 
  1. Tupperware understands your safety in the kitchen when it comes to sharp things, that's why we have our very own safe to use Can Opener. Say goodbye to sharp edges and a clean countertop when you use our best selling Can Opener.

  2. Make your garlic pressing easier with our three-in-one Garlic Press. Our garlic crusher takes the stress out of your hands as it is an indispensable, three-in-one kitchen tool. With it, peeling and pressing garlic has never been so quick. Our Garlic Press has a  handy de-leaving feature making your prep time shorter and adding more fresh flavours to your meals.
  1. You’ll spiral out of control with how easy to use our Handy Spiral kitchen tool is. Our handy spiral makes cooking fun and healthy by cutting veggies in a noodle shape, especially if you’re substituting zucchini for pasta or noodles. 
  1. Ever wondered how chefs grate their ingredients so fast? Well wonder no more because we have the most speedy grater kitchen tool for you. Our Mando Speedy Grater is sure to become one of your most indispensable kitchen tools. Use it to grate everything from cheese to potatoes to apples. Our speedy grater has a board handle which provides comfort for both smaller and larger hands. Try out safe speedy grater today!
  1. Zest up your life with our Zest N Press. Squeeze the stress out of your life with Tupperware's multipurpose and easy to use citrus zester. Our zest n press has a unique feature to add the maximum flavour of citrus juices to your salad dressings. Our multipurpose citrus tool is a lemon press, lime press, and zester all in one. 
  1. Scrape it with our sturdy Tupperchef Thin Silicone Spatula. This thin spatula features a long handle that lets you reach into any bowl, or even the deepest of jars. The slim size means you can use it to scrape out even deep and narrow jars. Reach for the right kitchen tool with Tupperware every day.