1. Why/When did you join Tupperware?

I joined tupperware 10th of February, after receiving a message from sandra Shepherd with the amazing opportunity . I felt like it came at the perfect time . I was already buying these incredible products but to be able to earn some extra money while I only work part time at my day job is a bonus .

2. What do you love most about being part of the Tupperware community?

I love how everyone is so supportive of one another , and happy to lend a hand . Whether it's advice , answering questions , giving their opinions. I truly feel I'm a part of a big team .

3. What is your absolute favourite Tupperware product and why?

I cannot choose just 1 product as I have so many favourites. However I absolutely love the micro pro grill + pressure cooker So easy to use , but great for time poor people . Pop your food in and wait for you microwave to let you know it ready.