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How did Tupperware begin? Who created it?

An avid inventor called Earl Tupper created Tupperware in the early 1940s. Experimenting with a purified by-product of the oil refining process, the American invented a durable, flexible, odourless, non-toxic and lightweight product that he used to create storage containers.

Tupper’s aim was to develop a product that would keep food fresh in the new age of electric and gas refrigerators, so popular in postwar America. He patented the ingenious Tupper Seal in 1949 not long after introducing the range into department and hardware stores. Unfortunately consumers did not understand how to use the Seal – sales faltered and the product languished on shelves.

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But it’s still around today – what changed people’s minds?

In the early 1950s a single mother called Brownie Wise joined the Tupper Corporation and introduced the “party” concept. So successful was Wise, Tupper withdrew all products from retail outlets and as a result the party became the Company’s only form of distribution.

Tupperware was introduced to Australia in 1961 as part of a worldwide Company expansion. And parties commenced in New Zealand in 1973. The Tupperware Brands Corporation is a global direct seller listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Through an independent sales force of approximately 1.9 million the Company supplies premium, innovative products across multiple brands and categories.

Today, to consumers in over 100 countries, the Tupperware brand is known for its design focused preparation, storage and serving solutions for the kitchen and home. Around the world, a Tupperware party starts every 2.3 seconds, while in Australia and New Zealand a staggering nine out of 10 homes own at least one piece of the famous plastic.

Tupperware is recognised around the world, and has been named as one of Fortune's Most Admired Company's for 8 years in a row - 2008 -2015!

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What are the benefits of having a party at my home?

Apart from being able to see and touch the product up close, your Consultant is also able to show you and your guests exactly how different products work, explain their features and how they will best fit with your lifestyle.

As a host, you also have the opportunity to receive some terrific gifts depending on your party sales. These gifts – usually featuring the latest and most popular Tupperware products - are changed regularly. Additional and/or more valuable gift selections are offered should two or more of your guests also choose to hold their own Tupperware party.

And most importantly, the party is great fun and makes a relaxing way to shop while you catch up with friends. Tupperware offers heaps of variety when it comes to parties, from casual cocktails through to a taste of tupperware cooking experience where you get to see the product in action and taste the results – delicious!

For some great party ideas or to find out more, click here.

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I’m pressed for time but really need some product…

A party is the most fun and informative way to view the product and see first hand how it works. But if you're unable to party, you can simply call your Consultant to order or access the product from the following outlets:

1. By calling Tupperware’s customer service number or visiting our websites you will be advised of your nearest Tupperware Distributorship to request a catalogue and/or order product directly.

2. Tupperware Kiosks now operate at many major shopping centres throughout Australia and New Zealand.

3. Exhibitions or home shows at which Tupperware is represented. Both Kiosks and exhibitions feature the latest and most popular products, but not the entire range. Check out our website for locations.

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I work long hours, would love to buy some Tupperware, but don’t really want to purchase it without seeing it first. Is there any way Tupperware can work a party around my hours?

Yes. Tupperware’s office product previews are a great way to see and buy the product during or after work hours. You simply let us know the most convenient date and time and we’ll do the rest: it may be setting up a display in your office canteen, or a casual demonstration in the boardroom after work. Parties can be tailor-made to suit the needs and wishes of both you and your co-workers. You can even use the event to raise funds for your company’s preferred charity.

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How do I join Tupperware?

It’s easy! Whether you’re considering a full time or part time role, Tupperware has people situated all over Australia and New Zealand. Wherever you’re from, you can take part in the Tupperware opportunity, getting paid to party and having fun making serious money.

You’ll find all the relevant information about starting your own business and taking your first steps into a world of independence and wonderful opportunity by visiting our Opportunity page.

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What’s all this about a Lifetime Guarantee?

At Tupperware, we have proudly backed our products with a Lifetime Guarantee for over 49 years, so you can buy with confidence. All Tupperware Brand products are guaranteed by Tupperware Australia to perform under normal domestic conditions for the lifetime of the product. The only Tupperware products not covered by the Lifetime Guarantee are those few items on this website marked with the (Q) symbol. They are covered by a separate (Q) Guarantee (see below).

We will replace, free of charge, any Tupperware product, or any part that, under normal domestic use, shows a manufacturing defect. Where the same product (or any part) in your colour choice is not available for replacement, Tupperware will endeavor to provide a Tupperware product (or part) of comparable function or an alternative product. Should no suitable replacement product be available Tupperware will gladly provide a full credit to the value of the last recommended retail price of that item, towards future purchase(s) of Tupperware brand products. The rights under this guarantee, naturally, apply only to the owner of the product.

For more information about our product guarantees, click here.

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And the Q Guarantee?

Very few products on our price list and catalogue are marked with the (Q) symbol. As these products are not intended for lifetime use, they do not carry the Lifetime Guarantee. However, they are still guaranteed by Tupperware PTY. LTD. (Dart industries PTY. LTD. in New Zealand) to be free of manufacturing defects, and will be replaced, if defective, by your Tupperware Consultant, completely free of charge, provided they are returned within 30 days of purchase. If due to unavailability, a replacement cannot be provided, a full credit (of last recommended retail price) towards future purchase(s) of Tupperware brand products. The rights under this guarantee, naturally, apply only to the owner of the product.

For more information about our product guarantees, click here.

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Tell me about your Price & Delivery Guarantee.

At Tupperware, we aim to always ensure the availability of all out products throughout the lifespan of a catalogue. Sometimes however, due to reasons beyond our control, some products may become temporarily unavailable. If items are not available for a reasonable period of time after the release of the catalogue, but become available again, Tupperware will endeavor to make items available to you at the price advertised in the current catalogue.

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How do I look after my Tupperware products?

We’re glad you asked! Tupperware Brand products are guaranteed for a lifetime of beauty and service with minimum care. Follow these simple steps for best results:


Tupperware Brand products purchased after September 1979, can be safely washed in the dishwasher (except for products outlined in ‘hand wash list following’). When loading the dishwasher;

  • Wash Seals and containers together.
  • Place Tupperware Brand products securely on the top shelf of the dishwasher where the water will not force them loose. They will melt or warp if they touch the heating elements.
  • For stains - use a baking soda paste.

Please hand wash these products:

  • TupperChef™ Knives and Scissors
  • All products with printed patterns, such as Mahalo and Fiesta diningware
  • All products with a "glass-like" finish, such as Clear Mates, Illusions, and Fiesta, Mahalo and Alegra tumblers, flutes and wine glasses.
  • All metal components
  • TupperChef Spatula
  • Tupperware Utensils
  • Twistable Peeler
  • Any other Tupperware Brand products purchased before September 3rd, 1979.

When you hand wash:

  • Use warm soapy water and a soft cloth or sponge.
  • Dry with a soft towel, or air-dry away from direct heat.
  • Avoid any abrasives (even baking soda) on these items as abrasives will dull the finish or leave scratches.
  • TupperChef™ Knives and all other metal components must be dried immediately to avoid rust.

Storing food in Tupperware

Cool hot liquids that contain fat before you place them in Tupperware Brand containers. Soups, sauces, oils, or cooking grease can get hot enough to damage and stain the containers.

When you use Tupperware Brand containers to store hot beverages, let the liquid cool before handling the container.


TupperWave® products are guaranteed for use up to 180° Celsius. Unless stated, Tupperware products are not guaranteed for use in microwave ovens. Food, particularly those high with fat or sugar content, become very hot and could cause the product to warp or melt.

Excluding the TupperWave® range, TupperChef™ baking range and UltraPro™ range, we do not guarantee Tupperware Brand products for use as microwave cookware.

The TupperWave product line is guaranteed for a lifetime of cooking when you use and care for it properly. Use the following guidelines for TupperWave cookware.

Do not use TupperWave products:

  •     In the conventional oven.
  •     Under the grill.
  •     On the stove.
  •     In convection microwave ovens with convection settings.
  •     Always use a pot holder to handle containers after cooking in the microwave.
  •     TupperWave products are not recommended for cooking popcorn.
  •     Avoid cooking small amounts of food high in fat and sugar.

Reheating food in Tupperware reheatable products

Use reheatable products in the microwave oven on medium power (50%-60%), not high.

Do not use reheatable products:

  •     In the conventional oven.
  •     Under the grill.
  •     On the stove.
  •     In convection microwave ovens with convection settings.
  •     Do not use containers in the microwave with Tupperware classic Seal applied.
  •     Tupperware reheatable containers are designed for reheating only, not for cooking.
  •     Reheating tomato-based sauces and foods may cause staining as a result of natural food colourants found in many vegetables.
  •     Always use the a pot holder to handle containers after reheating in the microwave.
  •     If overheating occurs, allow container to cool before handling.
  •     We recommend avoiding foods high in fat or sugar content as they reach higher temperatures very quickly and may cause damage to your containers.

Storing Food in Tupperware® and Reheatable Products

Allow food to cool before you apply Seal.

If the Seal seems too tight, place it in hot water for a few minutes, dry thoroughly, then apply to container while the Seal is still warm.
Cleaning Tupperware and Reheatable Products

Wash containers and Seals in the dishwasher or in hot, soapy water (Seal on top rack only). If some food residue is hard to remove, soak container in hot soapy water (¼ cup detergent to 1 cup warm water).

For persistent stains, use one of the following:

  •     Non-scratch cleaner.
  •     Non-scratch pad.

If food burns onto the container, soak immediately with a solution of 4 tablespoons dishwasher detergent in 5 Litre hot water for at least 2 hours.


It is important to remind customers that only products with Classic Round Seals and Clear Mate Seals are liquid-tight. If liquid is stored in containers with any other type of Seal, the containers should always be placed in an upright position.



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What about BPA?

For over 60 years Tupperware has been designing products that help simplify people's lives. Saving time and money for the consumer by helping to keep food fresh has always been one of Tupperware's most important goals. Today Tupperware offers products for storing food, food preparation, serving items and cookware. Our innovative products, built to last a lifetime, eliminate the need for disposable containers. Tupperware has always been committed to a continuous review of new materials to improve the performance of our products and meet consumer demand. We're firmly committed to the safety and well-being of our Consultants and consumers of our products.
Tupperware Australia and New Zealand follows the requirements, recommendations and guidelines of Australian and New Zealand governmental regulatory agencies regarding materials that may be used in our high quality products.  The Company also acknowledges widespread reporting regarding products containing BPA. In its continuous search for the best materials for use in its products, Tupperware has found materials with improved performance characteristics that have been approved by regulators to be BPA free.
All products currently sold by Tupperware Australia and New Zealand are BPA free.
The Tupperware Australia and New Zealand ranges designed for children's food or drink do not contain BPA.
Any products previously sold by Tupperware Australia and New Zealand that contained BPA were manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the relevant authorities in Australia and New Zealand.

For a complete list of Tupperware recycling codes and the plastics used in their manufacture, click here.

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What if I want to know more about any of the above?

You can call our Customer Information Line directly on 1800 805 396 (Aus) or 0800 800 818 (NZ). Please note that our Customer Information Line is closed on weekends, on public holidays and over the Christmas period.

Alternatively, you can send us an electronic query by clicking here. You will contacted by a Customer Service Representative within 48 hours, excluding weekends and public holidays.

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